Jayce and Kaydens Get Stuck Together!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Kaydens shows Jayce how to play in sticky, gooey, mallows!"

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Date added:11/25/16
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Jayce has been in awe of Kaydens and her melted beautiful marshmallow play for a long time! Jayce decides it is time for Kaydens to teach her how much fun it is! Both the girls start off nude with big bowls of colored freshly melted marshmallows. They have green, yellow and blue. Kaydens lets Jayce have the first turn as she puts her hands in the green goo and then applies it to her boobies and loves IT! She spreads it all over her body and then puts some right on Kaydens boobs as well! Seeing the sticky mallows string right off Kaydens tiny, perk little boobs. Jayce then decides she needs more so, Kaydens pours more down her body, this time in yellow and Jayce proceeds to rub it into her chest, down her torso and into her naughty bits. She lets it cool before feeling the sensation of pulling her hands away from her pussy and seeing the beautiful strings of mallows and the intense feeling of the pull against her naughty parts

The girls decide after that, it is time to get down to business and get stuck together. They get side by side and pour the blue mallows down their body, they let it cool just a bit and play around with eachothers bodies before pulling away and showing the colorful strings of blue, green and yellow. After that is a "get stuck together" free for all! Kaydens puts her little booty right onto Jayces pussy while Jayce gets more marshmallow goo to stick them together. They pull away creating an awesomely arousing sensation for the both of them! Then, they continue this, sticking their arms to their bodies, creating the web of sticky marshmallows and wrapping themselves together in the glorious goo. Jayce wraps her mouth around Kaydens perk boobies and pulls away to create an awesome feel again. The sensation play is endless! They play and play, creating more webs, weaving themselves together any way they can with hugs, wrapping legs, arms any body part that can stick! They both are stepping in the goo below them as well and feeling the sensation on their feet. The girls had such a good time letting Jayce try this for the first time ever! Kay is a good teacher! The sexual tension created with the sensation play and the girls is very apparent in this one! They give into it quite a bit! enjoy!
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"Incredible Stickyness with Jayce and Kaydens"
By mhalver  2/4/14

This video features a remarkably sticky mess with Jayce and Kaydens playing in melted marshmallow. Kaydens has made a reputation for herself with her marshmallow play and Jayce does a fantastic job playing in it with her in her debut marshmallow video. There are several moments of the two of them stuck together in the mess.

The video quality and camera work is exceptional as to be expected from the House of Mess and feels like you are right there with them.

Overall this is another fantastic marshmallow video from Kaydens and one of Jayce's best. If you are a fan of marshmallows or extreme sticky messes, this is a must own.

By argento  2/3/14

The sexiest vid I've ever seen, bar none. Aesthetically mesmeric, superb colour and texture, and very, very sticky. Both Kaydens and Jayce seem to really enjoy themselves, and this shows in the sensual, natural, fun feel of the whole vid.
I love melted marshmallow, but this is something a bit special. Thankyou ladies! :0)

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