Newbie Nikko Nude in Foam W/ Jayce in Bed +shower
From Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Jayce shows virgin wammer Nikko how to play in foam in bed! Nude!"

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In this one, this was the first day Nikko had ever gotten messy. She couldnt believe we were gonna get in the bed together! We made foam bikinis on eachothers nude bodies, rubbed it all in to coat eachother and took turns. We sprayed foam out of the cans onto ourselves but mostly on eachother. We created big piles to lay in and roll around in! I just gave her a taste of foam and she was loving IT! she was laughing and giggling and having the best time! we got enough foam, and after twerking foam off our asses, jiggling titties and feeling eachother up with had enough for her to lay down and let me smooth some foam off her to reveal her nude body...i then put more foam all over her tits and stomach and rubbed it all in, making smooth rounds all over her and writing with my fingers in her body and letting her lay with it all around her and all over her and really feel the tingle of the foam all over her. We make piles and mounds and are now rubbing all over eachother and cant really keep our hands off eachother making sure every part of our body is covered...I then tell her that she needs to take the face plunge...she has never done that! so, she helps me create her own face plunge pile of foam and then i grab her by the back of the head and bam! foam face plunge! She gets up giggling and face covered in foam! So, i decide to show her how i do it...i pull as much foam around in a pile as i can and i dive my head into the big pile, i lay back and cover more and more onto my face as i can until i am covered! Shes looking at me like "ooooo okay!" after that, we are piling mounds of foam onto our heads, putting our hair into "up-do's" with foam and piling more foam onto our bodies as well. checking ourselves out in the mirror to see the huge mounds we have created on our heads of our hair completely covered in foam to create beautiful foam head dresses! haha! we are totally covered head to toe in foam and loving life and having a blast! This was Nikkos first time in foam and she had so much fun! You then get to catch a behind the scenes sneak peek of us taking a shower and rinsing off for a few mins even scooting to the shower on our tarp! haah! This was Nikko's first day wamming so she was a complete virgin wammer that day and I think she has found her calling! it comes natural! she makes a great foam bikini! way better than mine and she loves the female form aka, my female form in this one! hah!
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"A well-known regular meets one of the most fun newbies in years!"
I've been on the fence about picking this up for a while, but at the current discount it's an absolute steal that I can't recommend highly enough. one of the most fun shaving cream scenes I've seen in a long time. flansomeman, 9/15/18
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"A Must Own for Foam Fans!"
How do I begin? This video is both a funny and sexy session with the WAM pro know as Jayce introducing the lovely novice Nikko to shaving cream. I like how genuine and unfiltered this is. The hilarity with Jayce's bikini making and Nikko's reactions adds to the fun and entertainment of it all. You can't script stuff like that. This is just pure, on the go fun! I'm sure I can go on and on about every little detail in this clip but the video speaks for itself. If you are a long time fan of Jayce, buy this video. If you are like me, make this one of the first WAM videos you buy. I promise you will not be disappointed :) Regal5150, 6/19/18
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"Foamy fairlies!"
Very beautiful girls Jayce and Nikko playing with a lot of shaving foam, it seems like a very innocent and cute fairies!

I want to see them forever! I strongly recommend this video! JPWam, 5/28/18
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"Two fabulous foamy ladies."
Another fun filled foamy romp. I had a good time watching the girls cover each other and themselves in all the foam. Made me want to get in there with them. I highly recommend this one to any fan of the foam. A must get. FoamyFremen, 3/16/18
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