Bound, Stripped, Humiliated and Wammed Cold!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"All to pay rent, Jayce is Bound, stripped, Humiliated and Wam Cold!"

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Tons of dialogue, bondage, humiliation, sexy skirts and Wam Cold Torture! Long Scene! So, this guy I used to work for, he used to make me do all this crazy cold wam stuff whenever it was time for me to be up for a raise, or when i was about to lose my job...and i did it. Finally, i was done with that life and Im at this place to buy this particular flat and the landlord shows up...its the same guy! omg HE owns flats too!

as soon as we start talking money, he sees im desperate, that i need this flat like, now...and i see it in his eyes...that condescending asshole...and i knew it...he wants me to go through all that cold torture again to pay him to get into the flat immediately...

I flat out tell him no at first, i dont do that anymore but then i get an email from my other landlord that i have to be out in 3 days. So, I am literally left with no options. i whine, i beg if i can give him cash and he tells me the only way im getting it now, is to let him torture and humiliate the fuck out OF ME. I tell him hes a sadistic fuck but, I am out of options. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I follow him to the bathroom where he has all this mess laid out. I am in shock. He makes me get in the shower, fully-dressed and tortures me with cold water, bucket after bucket...if i complain, he sprays more cold water in my face and it keeps on while he makes me strip, fingers me, sprays more cold water on me and i am shaking and shivering! He then grabs duct tape and tightly, straps my wrists down to the arms of the chair and spreads my legs apart and tapes them to the legs of the chair. SO tightly! Then he proceeds to fuck me up with everything you can think of cold, milk, so many gallons of milk, pies (which he slams me with these things!) custard, half and half, yogurt, ice cream and he is relentless! he makes sure to pour the coldest of the cold right on my pussy and tits. I am screaming the whole time and shaking because I am so cold but i dont want him to win...i shakingly tell him to keep it up, bring it on, which makes him even more mad and he does! he piles cold ice cream on my pussy, drowns me in milk, half and half, pies me with freezing cold pies over and over...I cant stop screaming, squealing and shaking and i cant move! There are times where I cant even scream because the cold takes my breath! Finally, I give in after like 15 mins of tortur. HE leaves ME there bound UP! There is a shower scene at the end and commentary!
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"Proving why she always delivers the best videos!"
Jayce proves yet again she is the Queen of WAM, especially the mess that most people will not do. I can only imagine just how cold she was throughout but she took it all like a champ. She is completely covered head to toe in some incredibly cold items, as someone that has done some cold wam before I know that could not have been easy. The best part of course is Jayce's amazing personality (or in this case bitchiness haha) as she yells at the landlord while delivering the best reactions possible to all the mess. Jayce proves time and time again why she is incredible and I swear she looks hot as hell covered in anything stewy18, 1/7/17
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