Cheerleader Humiliated by Wam Photograher Take 2!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce gets tricked into a wam scene but gets last laugh"

File count:1
Total size:208.05 MB
Total runtime:8 mins, 54 secs
Date added:12/16/16
Year produced:2016
Scene ID:20742

Jayce is in her best competition uniform, white ankle socks, big white bow, hair curled, make up on, nude hosiery on and her brand new nikes...She is super excited and starts off immediately posing for the photographer taking all super cute poses The photographer is telling her how great a job she is doing when he then tells her to drop her pom poms behind her...

so she does and starts to pose without them, he immediately asks her to turn around and pick them up to use again...

when she does, she bends over to reveal her Nylons and panties and hears the camera clicking! she asks him if he took pictures of her bottom without her bloomers on and he says "no!, anything can be edited, its no big deal" Jayce feels like this photo shoot is getting strange but puts a smile on and continues. After all, this is a paid shoot! Then when he asks Jayce to do her high kick, knowing she has no bloomers on, Jayce is perplexed but asks about the editing and he says he will edit her panties out...she IS after all, getting paid so she does as she is told and continues, even though she is feeling like this is something maaaaaybe a little off...

Next scene the photographer asks to do some above shots, to get her pretty face. Jayce is excited and is posing and smiling and then you see a look of confusion when Jayce asks what he is using that looks like a box for the photos, he continues to tell her not to worry but ends up Pouring Thick, Dark Chocolate All Over Her Head And Ruining And Covering Her White Bow And Face! running down her uniform, Jayce is screaming! why?! what in the hell?!

The next scene you see Jayce asking what kind of photo shoot this is, what she is covered in, and she is Pissed. Suddenly you see from above, More OF The Thick, Gloopy, Dark Chocolate Coming From Above! Its Just All Over Her! She is screaming and wailing about her ruined uniform, shoes, white socks, and her brand new white bow, her curled ponytail being trashed...the works!

He keeps telling her she is doing great, and all the while, out of no where comes more and more mess! she is just screaming and furious! The more mess that comes from above, seemingly, out of nowhere...the more furious she gets...

Finally, Jayce, who is getting paid, gives in...

She decides since she is trashed anyway and this photographer Must BE getting something out of this, she is gonna make it count! She rolls in the mess, pours more on herself and sarcastically asking "how great am i doing? you like this pose? or this pose?!" posing with tons of dark, almost mud looking chocolate all over her. She rolls in the mess and shows off her ass, since he seems to like her ass so much! She trashes her hosiery and panties! she messes up herself from head to toe, all the while being completely sarcastic, posing for the camera man who tricked her and talking to him about how she is getting paid double for this or he will Never work Again! She gave him a big middle finger at the end!
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"Cheer for the wam queen!"
By tenchi2004  12/25/16

Do you like cheers? Jayce has tons of cheers for you but seriously, I am sure this mess will cheer you up! :)

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