Dixie Gets Humiliated and Thrown in Molasses!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"I strip Dixie, throw her in, bob for apples to get clothes back!"

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Year produced:2017
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Dixie and I were dressed for our desk jobs but we had a 56 gallon pool of molasses i wanted to play in! Dixie did not want to play, she wanted to work and was about ready to take her lunch when I knocked her lunch of apples into the molasses...

she had another apple and i knocked it in too! I could not convince her to get in until i saw that her dress had a zipper from top to bottom. I thought quick and grabbed her zipper and unzipped her down to her pantyhose and nothing else and threw her in the huge pool of molasses! She was mortified! She could not believe it! She grows angry and grabs me and pulls me in the molasses too! I was kinda happy! I wanted to be in there! So, her two apples i put in the molasses, I decide if she can bob for those apples in this deep molasses, that i will give her, her dress back...she thinks i am out of my mind but she wants to get out and knows i will wrestle her in all this mess if she doesn't! So, i even tell her ill do it with her...(because i really wanted to...) so, I get her to head dunk and attempt to bob for apples while i dominate and get so many...she is so embarrassed and covered in goo, she cant believe how silly this is and how crazy I am! After we bob for apples and I get her even more messy getting more molasses all over her back as she tries to bob for apples, and i trip her up...I tell her that I am, of course, the champion and I will give her, her dress back. I reach outside the pool to get her dress and oops! i "accidentally" drop it into the molasses! lol! she grabs it out and tries her best to cover up and get out but admits that it was kinda fun ;) plus: bonus after commentary shower scene!
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