Dixie and Me Nutella, P.B, Batter + Shower Scene!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Coat in Nutella, peanut butter and batter head dunks, extreme mess!"

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Runtime:26 mins, 23 secs
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we get completely coated in nutella, peanut butter and head dunk in white cake batter to create the thickest, stickiest mess ever! Plus an extra bonus shower scene of us just attempting to get our chests cleaned off! This was extra fun and crazy! we had melted peanut butter, non melted, 200 ounces of nutella melted, a huge bucket of white batter for head dunking! We started off in cute lingerie but the weight of peanut butter poured on our hair and then nutella on our bodies, they didnt stand a chance! we covered eachother, inch by inch...titties, hair, legs, foot rubs all switching back and forth with the thick peanut butter or the nutella. We had 4 of the industrial jars of peanut butter. 200 ounces of nutella and a 2.5 gallon bucket full to the top of white cake batter for awesome head dunks! we rubbed this stuff all over us...it was insane, it melted with our body heat, it stuck to us like glue...it was gorgeous and it smelled amazing! like reese cups! we were finally nude and had to make sure to get eachothers asses, feet, backs and then time for head dunking...i made sure some of the melted stuff got in the bucket of batter to make sure our hair got coated completely not only with batter but with everything else...and we dunked and dunkeed! pushing eachothers heads under and coming up and watching our hair just slathered with batter, pb and nutella against our bodies...hanging, dripping the white down our bodies that were mostly brown with the mixture of the two substances! this mess was insane! we get fully coated and are having a blast but decide to get in the shower, in the second scene available...and just attempt in the scene to atleast get it off our faces and tits! it is insane how hard it is to get off! but we laugh and use all we can, play with some really fun looking soap (it looks just like cum!) all over us and try to scrub it all off without taking forever! lol but, this is not a mess for the faint of heart! this stuff is tough! worth every minute OF fun! enjoy seeing miss dixie in a crazy mess! take advantage of this awesome deal right now of this super long video plus bonus shower scene!
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"Naughty Nutella."
It seems to be rare to see Nutella, peanut butter and cake batter used in videos these days, so it was a treat to see this movie pop up. The mix of the Nutella and the peanut butter is amazing. It looks so gooey and looks like it feels smooth as silk. The head dunking is amazing as well. ItsJay, 4/19/18
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