Dixie Gets Taped up Nude, Humiliated and Freezing!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Dixie is on the other end this time, Taped up with freezing cold Mess!"

File count:1
Total size:488.36 MB
Runtime:17 mins, 58 secs
Scene ID:23508

Dixie Does freezing cold IN the nude, and bound in this one! We are roomates and typically, I have to brave the cold for our sadistic landlord to pay the rent but this time, I feel like Dixie should take one for the team...knowing she is going to say no, and after sitting down to talk with her about it...I have already put something in her drink...she starts to feel woozy continually telling me she doesnt want to pay the rent that way, and i should just do it...i keep telling her she needs to...

Next thing you know I have Dixie duct taped to a chair. Arms bound, legs bound and she realizes what she is in for...She is not happy. Matter of fact, shes shitty with me! how rude! So, everytime she gets shitty with me, i hit her with some ridiculously cold pies. I make a video and leave a message for my landlord that I am about to make payment with Dixie getting the cold mess all over her i am over the moon that I dont have to do it and excited to get to get someone else freezing cold instead of me! Dixie is nude and gets: 4 freezing jugs of milk

4 cold cartons of half and half

over 10 freezing cool whip pies

3 cartons of yogurt

a huge bucket of just made with milk, custard

2 tubs of semi melted ice cream (just melted enough to get it out and all over her) 2 or 4 (cant recall) big cartons of heavy whipping cream. I give her all the mess while she squeals, shivers and bitches. Everytime she bitches or acts like an asshole, I nail her with pies, reminding her, this is no fun for me either! My hands are so cold dealing with all this cold mess! lol! XD she is completely unable to move besides shivering...i finish with the mess and she got everything. i think i needed extra pies for that mouth of hers! i got her head and specifically her tits and pussy, for good measure...

like a good friend, i help her get in the shower and tell her how great she did, besides her smart ass mouth. she is not amused and she swears revenge! I am shocked! end of scene...dun dun duuuunnnnnn! if you like cold, bondage, shivering, cute college girls nude and one mean ass sadistic girl and a mean ass sadistic landlord with crazy ideas of all these cold things i put on her, you will love it!

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