Dixie Does Savory, Industrial Sized Humiliation!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Dixie gets obliterated in savory, topless and then more nasty!"

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Date added:1/27/17
Year produced:2016
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Well, you have popped Dixie's cherry, once again! She did savory! She didn't just do savory, She did industrial amounts OF savory! basic key points...

she did a fuck ton of gross stuff right over her head. She was wearing a cute little victorias secret bra, that showed off her perky boobs and some nice fitting leggings bare feet. Lets see...

as she runs her fingers through those gorgeous locks rights before i start to pour the first industrial sized tub OF ranch on her, i dont think she actually knew what was in store! Once it started to pour she was startled by the cold and the smell! So i just kept on going, she was laughing in between being totally grossed out...i think she said "yall must really hate me, ya'll want me to leave and never come back" while laughing and taking the mess like a champ but so totally grossed out. She explains each mess as it runs over her...what it feels like, what it tastes like, if she accidentally snorted some in her nose. lol! Which i found to be highly erotic, actually. Even though, she was talking about it, there was no faking, just her being real...and taking this huge mess of savory, I mean huge! on the menu we had: all industrial sized: mayo

x2 mustards


blue cheese


thousand island dressing

sour cream

it was brutal and her sweet little voice just makes it all the more awesome and adorable to watch. She gets topless half way through because her bra was just adorable and I didn't want to ruin it anymore. Her hair hangs heavy with mess, Her lap is full as she shows off how much nasty, disgusting mix of stuff is in her lap, it pans down to her feet which are in a couple of inches of the savory mess! For a first timer, I give her an A+! dixie did savory, a ton of it...and was totally disgusted, totally awesome and did an amazing job telling us how it felt! Which was really cool to me. I wanted to know how she felt under all that! Enjoy the newbie getting totally fucked up with savory madness mess!
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"You must buy"
By phando22  2/1/17

Wow wow wow. What more can I say. The pictures speak for themselves!

Fantasic mess in the longest hair. What a sport. What a cracker.

"One of the best savory scenes of all time imo"
By wammster27  1/28/17

If you like savory stuff do yourself a favor and get this video!

Dixie is totally adorable. She's a total trooper for letting Jacye anywhere near her with industrial sized jars of condiments. And she's in leggings. Who doesn't like leggings? Are you not sold yet? Just look at that picture above. Look at it again. This video fucking rocks if cute girls about to have comically large tubs of ranch dressing poured over their head is your thing. Just buy it already. Put a second mortgage on the house if you have to--I don't even have a house but I have this video and I'm ok with that.

Joking aside. If you're still thinking "eh. I like watching a girl describe how chunky mayo feels on top of her head in a thick Kentucky accent but I'm still not sold..." Deets below.

Production: 10/10--Great video quality. Filmed beautifully with full-body pans, action shots. excellent audio, it's all here. Kudos to the director!

Mess: 10/10--(If you're not into savory mess 0/10) You know how sometimes you see mainstream adult videos get "messy" with a little dribble of honey here and a dabble of chocolate syrup there? This is like the exact opposite of that.

Model: 11/10--If there were Oscars for WAM videos, I'd nominate Dixie for the bravest newcomer award (if I were on the WAM Oscar nomination committee). She takes the mess like a trooper. Have you ever had an industrial sized tub of mustard dumped on you not once, but twice? Since you're reading this maybe you have, but I bet it was a first for Dixie. Great natural reactions.

If you're still reading at this point, I have one question for you and that's why have you not stopped reading and bought this scene yet? Seriously, do it. It's like 10 times better than this review.

"Dixie Dixie Dixie! She is one heck of a champ!"
By mess4u  1/27/17

Dixie Dixie Dixie! She is one heck of a champ! She takes the nasty slopp sooo well it makes you want to have her long beautiful hair all in your face!

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