Secretary Strips, WAM Cold Torture + Shower!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce does the Coldest substances in the sensitive places!"

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Runtime:28 mins, 10 secs
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the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well, I have done this cold stuff before but this time, I did it Etxtreme. I picked the Worst Cold Substances i have ever used and i made Sure to put them in the most sensitive areas of my body to cold substance. Since i have done this before, I knew what areas were most affected by certain substances. I start off in a secretary outfit and You are my boss. The scene is Very up close and personal as i ask you what parts of me you want to see first and tease you by lifting my skirt, showing off my matching bra and panties, then slowly stripping down and telling you that i know how much you love to admire a nude body. I encourage you to admire me in my nudity. Then i sit with legs spread and nervous as can be as I have decided to do the most extreme, most horrible cold substances on parts of my body that are the Most sensitive to cold. In no particular order but on particular parts of my body we have 6 gallons of cold milk, 4 half gallons of heavy whipping cream, 4 huge tubs of yogurt, somewhere around 80-100 ounces of custard, possibly more, 5 tubs of ice cream and buckets of water with a few ice cubes floating on top. What is funny is the ice water was actually a Relief compared to the substances! I put them on my body for you, I pay close attention an mostly put the items on my pussy (because it is Insanely Sensitive to cold) my tits (i thought my nipples were going to break off!) and over my head (the milk over the head is Terrible. Ice Cream ON MY Head! OH MY Gosh)

this was insanity. i kept on going because i knew you loved it. I knew you loved watching me shake, shiver and scream obscenities about how cold my tits and pussy are. Watching my legs quiver uncontrollably. Listening to me breath the most heavy breaths and lose my breath at times because it is so intense. I know you love it all. So i continue without delay. I torture myself. I dont know how I made it through it, but i did, somehow, only to wash off with a cold shower for you. like i said, the cold shower was really, really cold but actually a relief to the milk over my head, tits and pussy, the ice cream on my head and pussy, the custard right on my pussy and the yogurt on my pussy...i put the heavy whipping cream all over my tits and pussy and that took my breath away! There is so much mess, if i told you every detail, i would run over but, it is an insane amount of cold, an insane amount of screaming, shivering, teasing at the beginning ;) with the coldest of the cold stuff! it is a must see! watch me go through hell!
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