Taylor's First Pie+slime Encasement with Vibrator!

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"Taylor takes the encasement challenge w Pies, Slimes, Vibrator+ Goop Pool"
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I decided to put Taylor up to the encasement challenge! Naked with 25 Frosting filled pies+5 gungings+a Vibrator! She knocked it out of the park! The colors of each pie hit were incredible! Counting down each pie as I hit her while she laid back, legs spread in the pool! Hearing her moaning and attempting to make a hole to breathe under the mountain of pies is remarkable! Watching her feel of the pile on her head was so fun to see... then? When you think she cant get any more covered or sexy? I start to gunge her with colorful slimes! Saving the best two for last! A chunky green slime and a chocolate sliming! By this time? She is using her vibrator and my gosh... her moaning was so fucking sexy... I had to keep myself talking a little bit because she was turning me on! You will fall in love with Taylor in this one! She is so sexy, so covered in mess, so amazingly perfect! Then? Just when you think it cant get any better? She takes all the mess and plays in it! So? I start to pile some extra mess in there from something I did earlier Filling up the pool with goop! She even goes so far as to get out and dive in the pool! She rubs all the mess all over her body. Pullling it up onto her face and all over her tits and really giving us a show of her ass and pussy! She looked like a goopy goddess by the end of it all! Absolutely stunning! Do you think she lived up to the challenge? Check it out! No one else has done these but me so? She had some serious competition! Enjoy: Taylor.
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"Not sure if Jayce or Taylor had more fun"
Jayce, wearing a cute little number which made her look like a cross between a school girl and a school teacher, engulfed a naked Taylor with wave after wave of pies and cake batter. After the first three hits, you couldn't see her face; that didn't stop Jayce from believing her friend wasn't messy enough. After the pies were done, Taylor had a "friend" make the day more fun for her. Once the pouring was done, Taylor grabbed handfuls of filth, and smeared it all over herself; I guess she didn't want the mess to end. Pace yourself, when watching this video! This is a hot one; you can't go wrong, if you purchase this.

deadpool 11 days ago
Jayce  1/13/23
her chocolate sliming was just devils food cake mix and water! yummy!! wanted to keep it all sweets for her to enjoy tasting!Report
Lakers501  1/13/23
How do u make chocolate sliming Jayce i am curious how u made itReport
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