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15 years
A girl with a little less chromosome
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Just keep to myself and enjoy the scene
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I'm Jennifer, a wam loving t-girl from England.

I love to cover myself in thick, smooth, creamy gunge while wearing dresses, skirts and tights.
Wam-wise I'm a slime fan, but only in extreme amounts; it has to completely cover the face, head and neck, I'm not interested in anything less.
My favourite form of wam is submergence, but that kind of thing is way expensive so I make do with the classic "death from above" gunge drop.
I'm fully straight, so not interested in guys, but I'd love to hear from other wam trannies (or trammies, perhaps?) and, of course, any girls who like their boys to be girls!
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Profile Wall
Charlotte Black  4/1/22
Thanks for all the loves! Report
mrsbee  4/13/17
Congratulations on WotD!! Report
phantazia  4/13/17
congratulations to WotD, you have deserved it a lot Report
Jayce  11/25/16
hey! miss seeing you around!! xoxoxReport
JenniferWamTGirl  9/1/15
New status: One small step for trans...Report
pieme55  8/25/15
Thanx 4 f r. Great pics of colorful creamy gunge! Nicely done in pretty outfits showing off pretty legs!Report
adidas_chik  9/29/13
Hey Jennifer! Saw your comment about the skirt suit in foam in my profile pic. We are working on a massive 3 session update and that is one of them. There is no video, just a lot of pics and the back story of how I surprised bryce. So give us a few days to finish the update and then check us out.Report
bryce  9/1/13
Hey don't know if you are still interested but the accidental fall is part of "Pink Suede Trench Stinky Mud". We are updating the website with it as we speak and the download should be available in the next couple days. There is footage from three separate video recordings of it!Report
ooo  4/21/13
your very welcome! it's hard to decide if your cuter messy or clean! xoxoReport
Jayce  3/5/13
thank you so much for the fantastic review it was such a pleasure working with you as always you let me live out something i have wanted to do for so long....i am so lucky to have people who will help me do what i do for others all the time Thanks!Report
Leila  1/26/13
Thanks for the friend request, I love your pics!Report
Jayce  12/9/12
Hope you are well I will be posting your custom in the next couple of weeks I love the new pics, btw! Colorful batter substance!!! Gorgeous!!!Report
Jayce  11/15/12
let me know what you think of the new video! only two more reviews left and we give a video away to a lucky winner! Report
Jayce  11/13/12
oh dear, i hope you feel better. ariel is sick too! we were gonna shoot today but she is sick as a dog! (( i hope all you feel better adn stay the hell away from me!!! i don't want your sickie germies!! haha. no really, i hope you get better. best thing for the flu, is that thera flu, you mix the packets with warm water like tea, it really helps and keep yourself hydrated. take vitamin c and drink oj. sending good vibes and prayers your way!!Report
Jayce  11/11/12
seems we have way too much in common to be living on other sides of the world! !Report
adidas_chik  10/28/12
Hi, you asked about the video from when I accidentally fell in recently... haven't uploaded yet but have uploaded my first video to my store so hope to do it soon. I just feel bad making people pay $1.50 to see it. I feel like I could make a compiliation or something, but that would take time so it is more realistic to just upload the 30 seconds. Thanks for asking though, I almost forgot about it!Report
Jayce  10/19/12
holy crap! are you a writer? that description you gave was accurate and amazing all at the same time. you know me, i always judge my workplay we are our own worst critic. but the way you described it is exactly how it is....and i am so glad that my demeanor makes you feel comfortable to be a wammer when watching! cause hell, im comfortable being one!!! i was really comfortable in that batter. anyway, thank you. you truly are one of a kind, my friend. people like you who keep me coming back to the umd )) /Report
Jayce  10/16/12
mixing batter )Report
Jayce  10/16/12
i meant to message you today to send me one of those links on youtube you were talking about if you could. i want to make sure its perfect! i have been going through my outfits today _Report
ooo  9/15/12
thanks babe!Report
Jayce  9/14/12
How cool! I had no idea! They are awesome. I have been listening to them a few years but never sang along! Lol. They do rock!Report
jilly  8/21/12
I'm a girl who likes boys to be girls who do girls like they're boys Report
Hope you're O.K XXReport
CandyCustard  3/1/12
Gorgeous pics xxxxxReport
Ready&Willing  2/10/12
Great new pics. How'd all that gunk feel? You seemed like you had fun. Very nice indeed.Report
Greta pics JenReport
jurning  1/3/12
Congarts being Wammer of the day!!!!Report
boxster2  1/2/12
This is a complete compliment: You somehow channel the young Stan Laurel, or Danny Kaye. I totally admire you.Report
errosannin  1/2/12
Congrats!! Report
WotD Jenn, congrats XX Whoop, whoop!Report
alext  11/8/11
Didn't manage to get on in time for this, but congratulations on hitting wammer of the day!Report
jurning  11/7/11
Congarts Jenn. Wammer of the day!!!Report
errosannin  11/6/11
Congratiolations with being Wammer of the Day!Report
WOOT!!! Wammer of the Day. Good on yaReport
Well done Jenn, You did it XX ;o)Report
Candleboxxx  11/1/11
Loving your red hair!Report
joedeep130535  1/28/11
any chance you like mud too I find you pretty sexyReport
trammies lol. thankx for the friend requestReport
Great pics and lovely profile pic. Report
scottichcd  6/17/09
wow great picsReport
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