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Cinqgirlracer  9/28/21
Thank you, lots of love xxReport
Cinqgirlracer  9/24/21
Thank you for all the love Report
Cinqgirlracer  9/22/20
Thank you for the love XxReport
Cinqgirlracer  3/26/20
Thanks for all the Love Xx Report
boxster2  11/10/19
Take It Well, But Take It...Studs TerkelReport
boxster2  11/6/19
How do you spell offense backwards? BearsReport
boxster2  10/22/19
When it Ukraines it poursReport
boxster2  10/21/19
Mel Brooks Predicted These Times.Report
boxster2  10/21/19
We've moved out of VonnegutReport
boxster2  9/11/19
The Muppet Version of the Handmaidens TaleReport
boxster2  8/25/19
Girl Group: Gestapo Barbie and the GoosesteppersReport
boxster2  8/18/19
Amway Reps: Domestic Terrorist GroupReport
boxster2  7/1/19
Statue of Liberty Is Wearing a Straight JacketReport
boxster2  2/17/19
Michael Jeffrey Jordan Is 56! GaspReport
boxster2  1/8/19
And So It Goes....Report
boxster2  1/5/19
Just a Commie Pinko Fag From DuPage CountyReport
boxster2  12/30/18
I'm Goona Need a Bigger Dusbin--HistoryReport
boxster2  12/12/18
And So It Goes....Report
boxster2  12/7/18
I Am Not Individua No. 1 .Report
boxster2  11/30/18
And So It Goes....Report
boxster2  11/29/18
In 'Murca, Mr Potter Is the New HeroReport
boxster2  11/25/18
I Did Not Kill the Infidel!Report
boxster2  11/19/18
Make America Rake Again!Report
boxster2  11/19/18
Make American Rake Again!Report
boxster2  10/1/18
And So It Goes....Report
boxster2  10/1/18
And So It Goes....Report
boxster2  9/19/18
A Hip-Hop Artist in Dupage CountyReport
boxster2  9/13/18
It's Mel TormeReport
boxster2  9/2/18
60 charcters? Band with. Or a Commie Conspiracy?Report
boxster2  9/2/18
You're a lovely couple, but it's time to play You Bet YourReport
boxster2  8/21/18
I don't drink water. Fish fuck in it. WC FieldsReport
boxster2  6/29/18
The Only Solution Is Particle Beams From OrbitReport
boxster2  6/8/18
We'll always have infrastructure weekReport
boxster2  6/8/18
next week is Infrastructure Week. We'll always have InfrastReport
boxster2  4/19/18
Winner of pull-its-prize in the showerReport
boxster2  3/7/18
WH: More Turnovers Than HostessReport
boxster2  3/7/18
WH: More Turnovers Than HostessReport
boxster2  2/18/18
UMD: Rescuing Fish From a FloodReport
boxster2  12/4/17
New status: Torches and tumbrels on sale!Report
boxster2  12/3/17
New status: Wal-Mart won the War on Xmas.Report
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