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Husband of Mrs. Bee.

Very appreciative of all the support we've received over the years, especially as we've always considered ourselves amateurs at heart.
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Profile Wall
PotatomanK  5/12/24
Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Bee. I hope and pray you guys are well Report
Wamlanta  3/5/24
Hey, was just thinking of y'all. Hope the fight is going well.Report
al cooper  10/28/23
dude, awesome pics, how good does it feel to be you.?Report
WAMOptimist93  10/15/23
Congrats on WOTD yesterday! Your work is still loved.Report
Hikari-Studio-Wam  10/14/23
congratulations on WOTD, great Report
LeRex  10/14/23
Congratulations on WOTD, super stuff, the latest pics are awesome, loving the coverage Report
lolface106  6/5/23
Wow! I love the sharing. Mrs. Bee is the GOAT! It's a shame many of these never went for sale. I would have bought them then, and I'd buy them now.Report
Kevmo26LA  5/1/23
Holy Hell, that's a hot picReport
Potatoman-J  4/30/23
Happy WOTD! Really wish you guys were coming to VegasReport
WildThang  4/30/23
Congratulations on wotd!Report
cfoster_812  1/2/22
Happy birthdayReport
WildThang  1/2/22
Happy Birthday!Report
mrsbee  1/2/22
Happy Birthday, babe! Since we're snowed in today, maybe the pie fairy will pay us a visit? Report
Gurph Morlicks  9/15/21
HOLY HELL, what a stellar new avatar pic of your stunning wife!! Report
mrsbee  7/6/21
30 years??? Whaaaatttt?!! Are you sure that's not 20 years?? Haha, JK! How the time flies when you're having fun! Let the pies fly, my love! Report
mrsbee  1/2/21
Happy Birthday, sugar! Coconut cake? Or pie? Report
mrsbee  7/6/19
Happy anniversary, babe! Report
mrsbee  5/27/19
So sorry I killed your thread! Report
Gurph Morlicks  1/2/18
Happy Birthday, you lucky bastard! Here's hoping you get to smash a sloppy birthday cake into Bee's lovely kisser. (I'd normally wish it the other way around, but I hear you guys don't like to switch directions on the wamming...)Report
mrsbee  1/2/18
Happy birthday, darlin'!! Looking forward to many messy moments this year! oxo Report
Whitestar  12/25/17
Thanks for the loves and/or comments on the MyPieRogative Christmas posts Report
Whitestar  11/27/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos Report
WAM Photography  10/28/17
Thanks a lot for the congrats ... didn't realize that until now Report
Bigshipper  10/28/17
New status: Do go gentle into that messy nightReport
mrsbee  3/23/17
Ew! I didn't know you liked nasty gak!!! What else don't I know about you??Report
mrsbee  2/9/17
Ha, a pie in the face from you is not really a surprise!!!! Hilarious...Report
NormanMabeld  2/9/17
Congrats on WOTD! You've got an amazing archive of fantastic clean & messy pics of your gorgeous, sexy wife! Report
Piethro2  2/9/17
Congrats on well deserved WOTD !!! I always enjoy the pics Mrs Bee & you post.Report
jurning  2/9/17
Congrats being WOTD !!! Report
Bigshipper  2/9/17
New status: Mrs Bee and I say "thx!" for WOTDReport
mrsbee  1/2/17
Happy Birthday, my love! Let's celebrate! xx Report
MessyMissMarie  11/6/16
Thank you for the congrats, I'm glad I can help build a messy community ^^Report
Egils  8/15/16
I like to mess you up with stick stuffReport
Egils  8/12/16
WOW hot photosReport
Bigshipper  3/14/16
New status: Congrats, Mrs. Bee on WOTD! You rock babeReport
NormanMabeld  1/21/16
3 days in a row! Mrs. Bee, you need to come back! Your fans miss you!Report
wam_dave2  1/21/16
WOTD, just another expression of how much this community loves Mrs. B and her exemplary work.Report
Bigshipper  1/21/16
New status: Thank you, UMD! Much love, Mrs. B xxReport
NormanMabeld  1/19/16
Congrats on WOTD! You may be retired, Mrs. Bee, but you're still loved!Report
c2393m  1/19/16
love the new photos! what a beautiful lady Mrs Bee is.Report
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