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Hey guys! Chances are if you're actually reading this, you don't know about me so I'll try to be as concise as possible My name is Jill aka "Jilly," I am a pint-sized wamstress (Nope, not a "model.") and I have been getting messy on a professional level since I was 18 years old. I started getting messy well before that just playing around in the kitchen, playing in paint, getting muddy living in a rural area, etc. I finally had a chance-meeting with a WAM producer when I was 18, and the rest is messy history!

I have a lot of fetish interests, as you can see, but WAM will always be my first love. I even got my sister Jayce into it and we run"Jayce & Jilly's House of Mess" where we do videos together and separately, but NEVER sexually. That's just not how we roll, sorry boys and girls! lol. Click the link and take a peek sometime ^_^ I do, however, get down and dirty with my boyfriend in our store WAMFuckers, Inc.. There are all sorts of naughty, filthy scenes for your --and our!-- viewing pleasure ;)

I AM accepting custom video/picture offers The way this works is you pay a small flat fee for every lady involved and then the cost of supplies --that's it! Please message me for details to keep your $$ secure. It makes me happy to make someone else happy with customs My personality in a nutshell.

Just check out my pics, blogs, forums, etc. and you'll get to know me even better! Love you all & thanks for checking me out! xoxo
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From peekingaround  8/28/17
Love you! Miss you! Hope you're well!
From Jayce  5/24/17
hey, i have text and emailed for months and i have some of your vids but you never responded to me on which ones to send! i dont know how else to get a hold of you! hopefully you will log in! i have been trying to get any you need to you for months!
From Bodypaintguy  4/13/17
Let's go kitty kitty you're so pretty pretty let's go kitty kitty stay with me!
From Leila  8/18/16
I miss seeing you around here, your videos were always so creative & lovely <3
From mhalver  5/11/16
Can't wait to see that paint set that you previewed a couple of months ago. Please tell me we don't have to wait much longer for it to come to UMD.
From jilly  4/15/16
New status: See what I'm up 2 @jillianlanewam twitter! ;)
From jilly  3/22/16
New status: Coming back soon... My Lucy died
From jilly  3/14/16
New status: Follow me on twitter @jillianlanewam ^_^ Love u!!
From jilly  3/9/16
New status: Be back soon, working on a toughie ^_^ xoxo
From jilly  2/12/16
New status: Our cat is dying... I'm focusing on her. Sry xo -
From jilly  2/8/16
New status: WOTD is cool. I got ALL the reward on my FACE! ;)
From jilly  2/6/16
New status: New level of filth w/ 7 HUGE cum shots on pies ;)
From jilly  1/26/16
New status: Survived the blizzard. Got xfinity back FINALLY :/
From jilly  1/17/16
New status: Just uploaded a new JAYCE vid to the bin
From jilly  1/8/16
New status: Get your highest quality custom EVER now!
From jilly  1/7/16
New status: Shooting for GodsGirls w/ Adam tonight ^_^
From jilly  1/5/16
New status: New year, brand-new equipment for customs!!! xoxo
From jilly  1/3/16
New status: 50% off sale!!! Get 'em while the gettins good!
From jilly  12/27/15
New status: Happy [almost] New Years from House of Mess!
From jilly  12/25/15
New status: Happiest of holidays from Jayce & me
From NormanMabeld  12/21/15
Hi, Jilly! So good to see you posting here again! Merry Christmas!
From jilly  12/21/15
New status: Can't wait 4 Jayce 2 see her presents Thursday
From jilly  12/21/15
New status: Merry (almost) Christmas! New video up 4 u! ^_^
From jilly  12/14/15
New status: FREE & LIVE RN! ;)
From jilly  12/7/15
New status: Check twitter 4 cheapest customs @jillianlanewam
From jilly  12/4/15
New status: Ps donations 2 *charity* if you didn't remember :
From jilly  12/4/15
New status: 12 days of giving coming up Donations=freebies!
From jilly  12/3/15
New status: Sale's over tonight ^_^ not C4
From mhalver  12/2/15
I love the new profile pic! The cold video was awesome!
From jilly  12/2/15
New status: Yes the UMD vids are 50% off. C4S doesn't do that
From jilly  11/26/15
New status: Forget pumpkin pies, Im all about the ice cream ;)
From ShinyPet  11/9/15
You just keep on being awesome.
From NormanMabeld  10/20/15
Hi, Jilly! I miss seeing you! I hope that you'll be back soon!
From messyJamie325  10/6/15
congrats on wammer of the day miss Jilly
From jilly  9/21/15
New status: last custom done! Get @ me 4 more ;) You'll...
From jilly  9/15/15
New status: You NEED 2 watch "Life & Death of Bob Flanagan"
From jilly  9/12/15
New status: I got 31 flavors to make you a believer, baby
From jilly  9/10/15
New status: Finally back on. Sad family stuff going on
From jilly  8/21/15
New status: Video sponsor=free video, win-win ;) Msg me! ^_^
From jilly  8/7/15
New status: Donated $15 to Hillary. Go 2
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