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What can I say? I've been on UMD for years!! Getting messy has been a thing of mine ever since I was little. I started off with fascination of Nickelodeon shows, and it just grew from there.

I'm a 30-something nerd/geek into anime, gaming, comics, Sci-Fi, you name it!

I enjoy getting wet/messy in nice, dressy clothes, sport apparel (soccer jerseys, golf/tennis polos), and cosplay outfits. I've done some CD stuff as well.

I'm open to suggestions on getting wet/messy, chatting to others, and having fun! I got a bunch of clean photos on my profile and plan on adding more, if you see something you'd like to see get wet or messy, drop me a message!
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Piednyuu  7/15/21
honestly man, whatever figure u want to do would work for me. i'd love to mess up my own figures, but I dont want to permanently damage them. such a shame there isnt much figure wam out there.Report
Piednyuu  7/12/21
will u ever be doin any more messy figures?Report
Splat_Boy  1/3/19
Thanks for the love!Report
Splat_Boy  1/2/19
Yeah, I'm a fan of Kancolle. As for which Kancolle character I'd like to see get messy, it doesn't really matter so long as there's mud and plenty of it! Report
Splat_Boy  12/28/18
Are you a fan of Kancolle?Report
MessyMissMarie  11/6/16
Thank you on the congrats I appreciate the love!Report
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