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Hi! I'm Splat Boy and I've been into WAM for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I'd spend hours playing in the mud. One of my favorite things to do was to pour mud down my shorts and squish it about! I found myself enjoying the sensation of the cool, slick mud rubbing against my soft member and oozing down my backside. When I couldn't go out and play in the mud, I'd try filling my shorts with other messy substances like peanut butter, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Later, I realized that just thinking about getting messy or seeing other people getting messy got me off. I discovered this after becoming aroused by a commercial that featured a nude woman covered from head to toe in dried mud. Several years later, I learned of an episode of Big Brother that featured women making homemade bikinis out of peanut butter. Being a resourceful (and horny!) ten-year-old, I decided to search for the clip on the internet, discovering Messyfun.com in the process.

Much like my wet and messy fetish, I discovered I was bisexual when I was fairly young. I remember having crushes on members of both sexes as a child, but I didn't start identifying as bisexual until I was a teenager. Since then, I've had a number of relationships with both men and women - even dating a couple of wammers along the way!

If you're interested in adding me as a contact on Skype, Discord or chatting with me here on umd, please send me a message. I'm always looking for new people to chat with.
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The Goonimal  3/2/23
*Splat_BITCH was plowed in the slop senseless for wamming the wrong Gooninal too many times* Love you booReport
Splat_Boy  6/2/22
Be gay, get piedReport
Munchkin_dick  12/15/19
Thanks for adding me Report
Splat_Boy  6/20/19
Happy Pride Month!Report
Splat_Boy  4/26/19
My safe word is “blub blub blub”Report
asdf  12/28/18
I love Kancolle. I collect a bunch of the figures too. Are you a fan as well? Which Kancolle character would you like to see get messy?Report
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