The Pie Factor: 350 Pies: Part 1
Produced by Gunge Tank Babes
Starring the following model:
"What do you do with 350 Pies?"

Well what do you do with 350 Pies?

Well after a busy morning mixing pie mix and making pies, the lovely D and Ari from 3G, better known as Inferno and Dynamo, found our stash of Pies and decided to try them out in the stocks. Ari gets put in the stocks by D and the fun begins with plenty of pies in many different colours. As the afternoon sun had been out, our pie mix had gone very sticky and stodgy so the mix sticks to Ari's lovely black dress. D decides it would be fun to use the pies to completly cover Ari's dress. The pies, being so stodgy, just cling to Ari, and D is able to sculpt shapes into her hair and dress, making it a multi-coloured dress. D also covers Ari's bare feet so all of you who like messy feet will enjoy this. We had so many pies to get through that we had to split the videos up so See D get pied in part 2 and the Bouncy Castle Pie Fight in part 3.

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