Dynamo Goes Apple Bobbing in the Dunk Tank
From Gunge Tank Babes
Starring the following model:
"and goes right under the gunge lots of times"

Dynamo has the job of finding the apples in the Dunk Tank. She soon gets into the swing of it trying to find them. Dynamo has to go under the gunge lots of times to find the apples but soon gets the hang of doing handstands in the gunge to find them.

please note!

This film isn't up to our usual quality. Unfortunately we lost the footage from the main camera and have had to rely on the overhead camera. We treally enjoyed filming this clip and we know quite a few of you wanted to see this so have decided to put it up at a reduced price.

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Runtime:8 mins, 28 secs
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8.5 minutes
Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Looks like a ton of fun, but it can be a little hard to see."
I don't know what that stuff is in the tank, but I want it! It looks nice and thick, and super slippery. Dynamo looks great as she dives down repeatedly, and I like the look of the slime sliding down her skin and over her hair. Sadly, the video suffers from camera placement issues. It's one static shot, and you can only see about half the tank. So you get a good view of Dynamo getting dunked the first time, but it's a challenge to see the action as she actually gets into the apple bobbing. WritesNaughtyReviews, 3/25/16
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