Keely and Chrissy Bound and Covered in Food
From Gunge Tank Babes
Starring these models:
"There was so much varierty of food the poor girls were nearly sick!"

Join Keeley and Chrsitina at Little Hayley's tea Party. However this is no ordinary tea party when soon after arrival the girls arms and legs are bound together. They are sat down and get very excited about tasting session with no less than 10 different foods. But this is special tea party that involves such foods as porridge, beans, custard, chocolate mouse,Mayo, soup and many other weird and wonderful foods. Little Hayley's helper brings the food over and the girls think they are going to be fed but oh no he covers the girls in the food. They even get custard down their trousers. They even get a great big cake in the face. As the girls go through the different foods, some are ok for the girls and others are so disgusting that the girls are almost sick, unfortunatly they are remain bound at their arms and legs so can do nothing other than sit through their experience. The worst has to be the Mayo which was watered down with vinegar, not only were the girls nearly sick with the smell, poor Little hayley actualy was sick! This is definatly a must for all of you who like Extreme WAM.

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