Candy Custard Has Fun in the Clay
Produced by Gunge Tank Babes
"Day 2 of the Bristol Splunch and this happens"

Join Candy Custard as she has fun in the Dunk Tank full of clay and trashes those gorgeous boots. We had all had a great day at the Bristol Splunch on the Saturday and we still had the Dunk Tank full of clay so invited everyone back to our place on the sunday to be dunked in clay. Candy wanted to trash those gorgeous boots and what better way than to be dunked in all that clay. Candy plays Simon Says with Little Hayley but has so much fun in the clay we decide to let her play. Candy goes fully under the clay many times and even does a hand stand in the clay.

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"Candy covered in clay is always a good thing!"
Candy Custard is always a treat to watch. This video starts out with a game of Simon Says, and Candy didn't technically lose on that last order (Simon never said to speak more French). Still, it directly led to her going into the tank, so I'm not going to complain. She dives down again and again, and each time she comes up covered in silky clay and looking amazing. Definitely pick this up if you like Candy (and who doesn't love Candy?!?) WritesNaughtyReviews, 3/25/16
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"buy if you like mud, or CC, or boobs."
Well let's see, you've got Candy Custard, and her boobs, playing around in a vat of mud, trashing her boots, dress and lingerie in the process. That works for me! sauceboss, 1/11/15
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