Bundle: The Pie Factor: What Do You Do with 350 Pies?
From Gunge Tank Babes
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"Well you start with some stocks and end on a bouncy castle"

This bundle brings together all 3 of the films we made when we made up 350 Pies for Dynamo and Ari to play with. The girls had so much fun trying to use up 350 Pies. They started pieing each other in the stocks and ended up having a pie fight on the bouncy castle.

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Runtime:6 mins, 48 secs
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The Pie Factor: 350 Pies, Part 2
Added 10/15/10    6003 views
Welcome back to part 2 of the Pie Factor. Having been well and truly pied, Ari swaps places with Dynamo and its now Dynamos turn to be pied in the stocks. Both girls ha...
The Pie Castle
Added 10/15/10    6300 views
Join Ari and Dynamo as they have a mass pie fight on the bouncy castle. The girls are having so much fun after filming the Pie Factor that they start a Pie fight to use...
The Pie Factor: 350 Pies: Part 1
Added 10/6/10    7495 views
Well what do you do with 350 Pies? Well after a busy morning mixing pie mix and making pies, the lovely D and Ari from 3G, better known as Inferno and Dynamo, found our...
Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Very funny piestravaganza of epic proportions"
A three scene collection with two fun girls delivering a great unscripted performance. Pies galore, with a pillory, there's the belly laughs you only get from someone taking advantage of a situation to mess up a friend. The pies include some fantastically sticky concoctions that look fun to play with. Part one is nearly twenty minutes of pieing a pilloried Ari. Part two see's the positions reversed with many more pies plastering Dynamo, There's great chat between the girls throughout. If you ever need something to make you laugh, part three is the scene for you! Starting with a pie hopscotch fight as the girls follow a trail of pies to... a bouncy castle! The castle scene is very much a gigglefest! iain-ecgunge, 1/7/17
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