Gungey Castle with Keely and Chrissy
Produced by Gunge Tank Babes
Starring these models:
"What happens when you mix a bouncy castle with loads of gunge"

Keely and Chrissy come to Little Hayleys garden fete and play on the Bouncy Castle, unfortunatly someone has filled the castle full of gunge. The girls climb on the castle as normal and soon start slipping and sliding all over the place in the gunge. The gunge was rather deep and maybe there was too much gunge but its a great clip and definatley a must see. The clip is 20 minutes and we have left as much in as possible as the girls were having so much fun. The girls end up being dunked in the dunk tank to clean up. Hope you enjoy the clip as much as the girls did filming it.

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"Bouncy wamsel?"
This really is a scene of infectious laughter, there's no game, nor plot it's just two girls trying to stand up in a bouncy castle that just happens to have some gunge in it! Dresses ride up and turn quite see-through and it's just good silly messy fun! iain-ecgunge, 1/7/17
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"Fantastic video! Very sexy & slippery."
Absolutely loved this video. So awesomely slippery with tons of uncontrollable sliding & plenty of gunge coated curves. Very sexy indeed! If you offered gunge sessions on the bouncy castle, I'd be there! MrSensual, 9/4/10
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