Sisters Sexy Sloptastic Sleepover + Truth or Dare!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Jilly and Jayce enjoy a super-girly, super-messy, sleepover+truth or dare!"

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Written by Jilly ^_^ Since Jayce has moved 2 hours away, we choose our "girl time" a little more wisely now. What better way than to get messy doing what we'd normally be doing anyway? Having a sleepover! What's a sleepover without a game of truth or dare? ;) We made a ton of pies, bought cake, syrups, dessert toppings, sprinkles, whipped topping, popcorn and more! Instead of eating all these yummy foods (even though we got in a bite or two) we decide to mess each other up and all our cutesy bed clothes So we start off our game of truth or dare so I dare Jayce to pie herself on the booty and make sure that her butt is facing right toward the camera. She plays it up big time, shaking and bouncing her booty for the camera hehe. Then it's my turn and Jayce asks me if there was One person on UMD I would choose to meet, who would it be? Of course I couldn't choose just one, so I chose Two. Who were the two? You'll just have to wait and see ^_ Then she dares me to stick my feet in pie then pie my tummy with the gooey, creamy pie. After that I ask Jayce what her biggest fetish is besides WAM, and dare her to pie herself on the boobies. We continue with this game of truth or dare which includes pie-sitting, pies in the face, and more booty pies!-- then we strip down to just our panties, our bodies totally covered in pie and cake mess, and coat each other with syrup at the same time, pouring it on each other's head. We even throw pies at each other from across the bed! hehe. We get coated up in strawberry dessert topping to make sure we're really, really sticky. We made sure we were nice and sticky so we could add the sprinkles! Jayce and I took turns covering each other in colored sugar sprinkles, all over our faces, legs, and everywhere else in between Then Jayce surprises me by throwing popcorn at me so I get her back and the popcorn sticks to us all over. It's a super-fun time that we know you are going to love. Just check out the pictures and you'll see why this is the most fun we've had in front of the camera ^_^ Thanks for watching! xoxo


P.s. I even get a surprise pie in the face that you'll have to see. It was really funny! ;)
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"Mostly shaving cream pies with a big finish"
This video delivers on the promised sleepover theme.  The girls are on a bed with the tarp hung all around the mattress.  It gives the whole scene kind of an indoor tent feel.  The mattress bounces a bit when they move, reinforcing the playful nature of a sleepover.  Unfortunately, the bulk of the mess comes from shaving cream pies, and shaving cream is at the bottom of my substance list.  This is a glaring omission from an otherwise detailed description.  The last five minutes is a frenzy of joyous mess as syrup comes out, tops come off and sprinkles go on.  And the popcorn comes out in the last six seconds?!?  The video fades out just as things are getting out of control.  In future viewings, I'll skip to the last five minutes--pausing briefly to enjoy some sweet booty bouncing. Do you want a video with all your favorite substances?  Just ask Jilly for a custom. I am a fully-satisfied customer.  She rocked my world, and yours could be next. wamwright, 10/13/12
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