Sisters Night Out Turns into Foamy Night In!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Jilly and Jayce decide to try out new foam instead of getting ready!"

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Jayce and Jilly are getting ready for a night out, clad in their rollers, bra and panties and robes. They are putting on lipstick and makeup in the mirror when Jayce is bragging about a new foam she has found that is so amazing! How smooth it is, how well it works and how well it is priced! Jilly is really excited to try it out as soon as possible so, even though the girls are made up and rollers in, Jayce surprises Jilly by squirting this new foam all over her! She is shocked but loves it! The girls decide to take off their robes and get in the shower in their underwear for some fun with all the foam! Jayce bought a bunch since it was on sale! The girls fill their panties, cover their bodies and write commands on eachothers backs and have to guess what it says in the foam. The girls fill their bras and laugh and have such a good time covering themselves all over in all the foam! They begin to feel the tingle all over and add more and more until they are totally covered, giggling and having so much fun! After they fill their undies and sit on them, fill their bras and press the foam out and make sure they are coated they give eachother a big foamy hug and decide to stay in for the night after all the fun they had
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