Sexy Messy Bi Girls In Tight Clothes!
Produced by Imperatrix Dommina
Starring these models:
"Suzie and Rosemary make out in messy jodhpurs and disco pants"

File count:9
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:48 mins
Product ID:id-1k004
Scene ID:26421
Two girls in hot outfits with girl-on-girl kissing, groping, and fondling. Lots of messy massaging each other between the legs, some breast groping, and a lot of girl-on-girl French kissing, all while covered in mess!

Rosemary has booked the dungeon for a private messy session. Dressed in tight fitting jodhpurs, polo-shirt, and wellies, with a swimsuit as underwear, she starts pouring cream and custard into her trousers, and enjoying the feelings as the mess flows down inside and starts turning her on.

However one of the Hall's cats has knocked over the "private" sign at the entrance and so Susie, who is also hoping for a solo session and is wearing skin tight green disco pants with no underwear, a black Nike bra-top, and see-through ankle boots, wanders down just as Rosemary is getting started.

Fortunately these two already fancy the pants off each other so they decide to make the most of a happy accident and a very sexy joint session ensues!

Susie starts by taking over the pouring for Rosemary, who soon has lots of custard down the front and back of her jodhpurs, then it's Susie's turn and her disco pants soon have cream and custard poured in front and back.

A very messy session follows, and as well as messing each other up there is lots of messy fondling, groping, and kissing.

By the end of the session both girls are totally drenched in custard and cream from head to toe.

Technical: This scene has full original sound throughout. Both models are genuinely bisexual in real life, and genuinely enjoyed each other while shooting this scene. There is no nudity, the scene shows just how much messy fun two girls in sexy outfits can have with each other, even while fully-dressed.
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