Messy Lesbians in Leather
Produced by Imperatrix Dommina
Starring these models:
"Rosemary and Susie have a sexy messy encounter in real leather jeans!"

File count:11
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:1 hours, 6 mins, 17 secs
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Leatherclad rock-wenches Susie and Rosemary have been to the local biker pub, but were disappointed with how clean all the boys were. So they've come back to the dungeon to have some very messy fun with each other instead.

Both are wearing genuine 100% real leather jeans over black swimsuits, in Rosemary's case a particularly nice cleavage-enhancing halter-neck one, with pleather jackets. Rosemary wears spike-heeled New Rock boots, Susie wears chunky goth / biker-style boots, both pairs real leather.

They start by pouring cream down inside each other's leather jeans, front and back, sensually, enjoying the pleasures as the mess flows within. Then the outside of their jeans gets the cream and custard treatment, and then their tops, jackets, faces and hair. Part way through they thoroughly flan each other in the face, and kiss afterwards. All through the scene there is lots of kissing and caressing, including fondling each other between the legs, rubbing and massaging all over, playing with each other's breasts through their messy swimsuits, and generally really turning each other on.

They both end the main scene totally drenched in cream and custard from head to toe. They then wash each other off, starting still fully-clothed, with buckets of water and the hose. They very thoroughly hose each other down, including putting the hose down each other's leather trousers, before eventually stripping to just their black swimsuits, while still hosing each other down.

Rosemary's jacket has a hood, during the messy section she has it filled with custard and then put on her head, and it's filled with water and put on again during the hosedown too.

Technical: The videos for this scene all have full original sound. Both models are bisexual in real life, and hang out together--the playing you see is not just for the camera. While their jackets are pleather (fake leather), their jeans and boots are 100% real leather, and they totally drench them in mess.
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