Madalynn-Raye in Abandoned in the Clay
Produced by HeatherBlake's store
Starring these models:
"Covered in clay!"

This clip opens as 2 goons toss Madalynn-Raye into the clay with her wrists and elbows tied behind her and her ankles tied together. She then struggles against her bonds and the thick clay for a few minutes before getting her wrists free. She progressively loses rope and eventually, she is standing, and scooping the thick clay off of her body. The clip concludes with Madalynn-Raye getting rinsed off with a hose. This video was shot in high definition on a Nikon dslr with external stereo audio.

File count:2
Total size:247.8 MB
Runtime:12 mins, 12 secs
Scene ID:4309
Includes these files:
2,836 Kbps
247.8 MB
12.2 minutes
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