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18 ½ years
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Chat with friends and roleplay with others
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter
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I've been on this site for so long and thought maybe now is the time for a more meaningful "About Me" section. WAM is not an "interest" of mine. WAM is inherently sexual for me and is part of the fabric of my sexual desires and experience. Watching messy kids television shows is what sparked my interest--the fact that it was around the start of puberty probably helped cement the connection to sexuality. My core WAM interests center around things like pies, cakes, messy balloons--I can only imagine that the reason comes down to the way in which the act of getting hit with a pie is like the best messy moments of sex itself

For a long time I wammed, personally, but still preferred the thought of creaming women from head to toe. As I've gotten older I've realized that my tastes have changed a bit. Now I find myself wanting to be on the receiving end much more. It makes sense to me. Wanting to be utterly humiliated feels like a metaphor for a general sense of a loss of control in life. When I'm tied to the wall and being pummeled with pies, it represents a response to powerlessness--but in a way where I ultimately control what's happening, and in a way that leads to pleasure. Then again, maybe I think too much.

When I get online, I'm looking to escape from what's happening in life and be in a place where I can lose focus of my responsibilities and stressors. My holy grail would be to find a pie girl who sees things similarly and wants her own escape and loves the thought of seeing just what fun she can have messing up a willing and kinky guy.
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spacewam  12/22/23
thx like my pictures !Report
MessyMilfMelanie  11/9/23
Thanks for the s mateReport
Ready2Wam Studio  10/26/23
thank you so much for the love Report
Hikari WAM  10/2/23
Thanks for all the love Report
AngieWAM  7/24/23
thanks for all your Report
CalypsoJuneQueen  11/21/22
Thank you for the love xReport
lovingmessy4you  3/21/22
thanks for the likes on my pics!!! XOXO Report
AmandaQ85  3/26/20
Thanks yes my boyfriend and me do have funReport
dunktankVanessa  1/10/20
Thank you sir may I please have another! R u hard! LolReport
dunktankVanessa  1/10/20
I need to be punished ! Vanessa the dunktank and pie booth slutReport
dunktankVanessa  1/10/20
Give it to me! , VanessaReport
foampie77  1/4/20
how about 2 pies? ur face and dick at the same time!! Ive had it done to me several times Orgasmic!!!!Report
dick4pies  12/17/19
Grab a pie and choose your target!Report
pieguypaul  10/24/19
I felt the same when becoming interested in wam, now I think being the pie recipient sounds more fun!Report
mrsc10truck  8/26/19
Thank you for the love!Report
MiniMetroid  3/4/19
Thanks for the friend request Report
Whitestar  1/14/19
Thanks for the loves on my photos Report
GungeMasterUK  11/29/18
Thanks for all the new photo likes! Gunge Mistress xReport
dick4pies  10/22/18
Come on pie-girls, hit me with your best shot!Report
dick4pies  3/5/18
*sigh*: why is there no good place to chat any more?Report
GungeMasterUK  8/7/17
Thank you for the photo likes! GMUKReport
Whitestar  4/11/17
Again thank you for the loves on my photos!Report
Whitestar  3/17/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos Report
dick4pies  10/25/16
New status: Hit me with your best shot!Report
dick4pies  3/21/16
New status: I want pies and fucking. Now.Report
dick4pies  3/15/16
New status: Anybody got a pie for my dick?Report
piefan2  2/6/15
Thanks for accepting the FR!Report
hornymessyboy  1/4/14
Thank you for all the picture likes.Report
melaniepie  2/18/13
Thanks for the FrReport
AnnieBody  6/23/12
Thanks for the FR, new friend.Report
slavelisa  4/6/11
thanks for the FRReport
Messyblondie05  12/18/09
hows things?Report
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