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Wammer, writer, musician, "house bitch" for House of Mess, photographer and videographer behind some of the best work in Jayce & Jilly's House of Mess with Jayce and Jilly. I film custom sets for my lady, Jilly (going on 10 years together) at all times, and I also film them Jayce (my sister-in-law... pretty much my sister) & Ariel for her site and her wetlook store on Vidown (Drench Me) upon request. Also worked for for video/pics/graphics, and, most recently, working for Kaydens' store, , when I'm lucky enough to see her in town. Always looking for more to do behind or in front of the camera! And yes, I do custom videos myself. I just aim to please and help peoples' freak flags wave a little bit higher.

-Kemic, WammerZeit Pro.
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Profile Wall
wamwright  4/16/14
Dude, love your profile pic. Quite striking.Report
jilly  3/25/14
I second Kaydens!!!Report
ooo  3/25/14
can't wait to see what mess kemic gets into next! Report
jilly  11/29/13
can't stop looking at your profile pic, you hot mess Report
Jayce  11/28/13
i clicked on the link and i am saying that you are an indian "gif" giver. lol. i am up way too early . love you, see you later!Report
jilly  11/12/13
wish you could be up here with us today instead of just tomorrow miss you bebe.Report
Whisper  10/27/13
Thanks for the friend request Report
Candleboxxx  10/26/13
Thank you for the friend request!Report
Piethro2  6/5/13
Love your new profile pic !!!!Report
jilly  5/28/13
Miss you already, boo-berry! Don't work too hard on your designs We gotta make a menu this week too! Save some room for that too! Hehe. Love you xoxoReport
Larry M  5/13/13
You two work wonderfully together! You both are very talented models and photographers!Report
wamwright  4/20/13
That's no lady. That's my wife!Report
jilly  4/15/13
hey, who's this kitty cat lady on your profile??? I wanna know where you found it Report
ooo  3/26/13
tell your wifey to stop hogging all of the foxy sexness in the world. it's getting out of hand. kapeshhh?Report
ooo  3/26/13
thank yaa ^_^. i have 3 black moth super rainbow tattoos because i'm a dork. jilly told me about your tat, it sounds pretty rad. thanks again for being so helpful with directions, hope we can all hang out next time~Report
ooo  3/15/13
you and jilly should quit and let j. j. pepper take over the house of mess.Report
ooo  3/5/13
congrats on wotd!!!!!!....oh...wait....HAHAHA sorry! =pReport
Sploshman  2/20/13
Great pics and your one lucky guy mate Report
ooo  2/14/13
happy valentine's day!Report
Jayce  2/5/13
indiana equals boredom. but not me for today! i am elbow deep in lotion slime!Report
ooo  12/20/12
looks as though you don't get on here much lately, but it was nice to meet you! hope you have a rad new years .Report
ooo  12/5/12
haha, thanks! i hope she is creeping outside of my window, that would be so hot! i swear im going to melt the second i meet her and hug her! ITS MY DREAM TO TOUCH JILLY! only a few more weeks!!Report
wamwright  11/19/12
Thanks for going to the hardware store (Friday?). You da man!Report
Jayce  9/26/12
dude, it just stormed its ASS OFF here. the power went out and errythang.Report
newpieguy09  9/9/12
Thank you for the friend request; your photography is superb!Report
ooo  9/9/12
hie there cutie!Report
jilly  8/27/12
Hey DR---... Sorry... "KEMIC," we need to get a move on! Put down the iPhone and no one gets hurt...Report
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