"The House of Mess is OverFlowing with new vids from Jilly and I both! I am working on getting another one up right now :"



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Hey ya'll! I am Jayce! I run Jayce and Jilly's House of Mess with my sister, Jilly! She started off her Wam with the best of the best, Mrs. Ariel Andrews or Wambabes, which is where I started as well! Now, we have our own store here on the UMD, as well as still working for Wambabes a lot! I now also co-own a wetlook store, DrenchMe.com with Ariel from Wambabes! How sweet is that? Not only do I get to get messy with some of my best friends, Ariel, Jilly and Kaydens, I get to have a wet store with the QUEEN of Wam herself!
Most pics you see come from that store or are promoting customs that I would like to do or have already done! I am just an amateur here, but i have grown to love wam and the wam family! I am just a good ol' southern girl from Kentucky who has grown up on a farm. I'm a good ol' southern girl with good ol' southern values who likes to get messy! I absolutely enjoy customs and you can send me any ideas you may have, i have some things I am not into, but you won't know until you ask, now will you? ;) inbox me! I have been a professional dancer/singer/ musician most of my life....i am not the best actress but i sure do try! available for customs always unless i post otherwise! I love trying new things, so i am pretty much up for any substance, there are just some i prefer more than others :)
Taking Wetlook and Messy Customs! Just inbox me with your request and once we are squared up, I can have your custom to you within 7-14 days unless said otherwise :) Most times I can get them out quicker than that! I love doing them and I try my best to get in that mess as quickly as I can!
Thank you all for welcoming me here with open, messy arms!
XOXO! Jayce
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User comments:
From Mr_Pies  11 days ago
Jilly, Thanks for the Friendship Add! Love you work and happy to now be a friend!! :-)
From Stud  21 days ago
Thanks for being friends with me ^_^
From firemendad  11/20/14
hi jayce,just wanted to know how the pillows scene that you are doing,cant wait to see it
From hooter  11/19/14
WOTD great job Jayce, well deserved.
From wamwright  11/19/14
Congrats on WOTD! Must be something in the hair.
From jilly  10/14/14
If you don't learn the dance from the "money rain down" video one of these days, I'm never speaking to you again. I don't care how "busy" you are or how you "have to work" or if you have to "raise your kid" or whatever... lol. Love you :)
From messyguy123  10/11/14
Hi Jayce did you get the money?
From Norman Mabeld  10/2/14
Congrats on WOTD, Sweetie! Great job! And I LOVE the mud "Chicken Fight" pics!
From adam w  9/25/14
crop it out! haha. I'm having a shit day so that made me laugh, thank you.
From mattpie88  9/20/14
Thanks for friending Jayce! I feel quite honored actually :)
From jilly  9/5/14
you're gonna DIE. DUDE. WATCH. REMEMBER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aktLRiWXfqg
From hooter  8/18/14
What?! Jayce congrats on yet another WOTD. :)
From nichole68  8/18/14
Congrats on wotd!
From hooter  8/11/14
WOTD again Jayce, and right after Ariel no less. :) This has the makings of a Wambabes girls week ;)
From Norman Mabeld  8/11/14
Congrats, again, WOTD! I love your "Multiple Layer" pics!
From hooter  8/6/14
Jayce congrats on the WOTD :) With all you've been giving us lately its easy to see why. Keep it up.:)
From Norman Mabeld  8/6/14
Congrats on WOTD, Jayce! Those last two sets are fantastic! Very well deserved!
From Hazardousmessyman  8/4/14
Thank you for re-adding me, I see ya'll finding how awesome tyvek overalls are for WAMming.
From jilly  7/7/14
I miss yeeeeeewww :(
From JellynCustard  6/30/14
Congrats on being the only girl on the WOTD list today! x

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