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"New Mud Download on the Messy forums! Ne"

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Jayce Lane
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Hey ya'll! I am Jayce! I run Jayce and Jilly's House of Mess with my sister, Jilly! She started off her Wam with the best of the best, Mrs. Ariel Andrews or Wambabes, which is where I started as well! Now, we have our own store here on the UMD, as well as still working for Wambabes a lot! I now also co-own a wetlook store, with Ariel from Wambabes! How sweet is that? Not only do I get to get messy with some of my best friends, Ariel, Jilly and Kaydens, I get to have a wet store with the QUEEN of Wam herself!
Most pics you see come from that store or are promoting customs that I would like to do or have already done! I am just an amateur here, but i have grown to love wam and the wam family! I am just a good ol' southern girl from Kentucky who has grown up on a farm. I'm a good ol' southern girl with good ol' southern values who likes to get messy! I absolutely enjoy customs and you can send me any ideas you may have, i have some things I am not into, but you won't know until you ask, now will you? ;) inbox me! I have been a professional dancer/singer/ musician most of my life....i am not the best actress but i sure do try! available for customs always unless i post otherwise! I love trying new things, so i am pretty much up for any substance, there are just some i prefer more than others :)
Taking Wetlook and Messy Customs! Just inbox me with your request and once we are squared up, I can have your custom to you within 7-14 days unless said otherwise :) Most times I can get them out quicker than that! I love doing them and I try my best to get in that mess as quickly as I can!
Thank you all for welcoming me here with open, messy arms!
XOXO! Jayce
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User comments:
From kaydens666  7 days ago
congrats honeypie! xoxoxxx
From Biz  8 days ago
Congrats on wotd
From wamwright  8 days ago
Congrats on WOTD ya dancin' queen :)
From hooter  8 days ago
Jayce congrats on your WOTD.
From piesub  15 days ago
Thanks so much for friending me Jayce! now I can go to bed every night imagining you pieing me to sleep. Not that I'll get any! ;-) You're awesome, take care, your piesub x
From stewy18  19 days ago
I love the pvc outfits hopefully they will be in a messy video soon ;)
From adidas_chik  25 days ago
From hooter  27 days ago
Your profile pic is quite angelic looking. Jayce our wam angel.
From annmargretfan75  27 days ago
Your profile pic is amazing! Is the more photos and a vid of that?
From mhalver  29 days ago
That profile pic is amazing. It looks like you have wings!
From kaydens666  3/19/14
thank ya sweetyyy!!! i miss YOU!!!!! MORE!!!! ill see you asap!!! which is hopefully soon!!! *jumps on you clean and clothed while naked and messy*
From adidas_chik  3/13/14
I just watched my video and I think it died before the batter, WTF! U need my camera man!
From adidas_chik  3/13/14
Jayce- thank you for sharing your slime recipe. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. You are a doll!
From hooter  3/11/14
WOTD Congrats to you Jayce. :) It is so well deserved.
From SlimedLegs  3/11/14
Congratulations on being WOTD! Totally deserved with the new green slime session between you and Ariel. You clearly saved the best photo for your profile picture. ;)
From wamwright  3/11/14
Congrats on WOTD! With Jilly @ #5 and Kaydens @ #6 you got the makings for quite a party :)
From Norman Mabeld  3/11/14
Congrats on WOTD, Jayce!
From hooter  3/8/14
Yes this winter sucks I've had 50+ days below 0f temps. some highs only -10f and just got another foot of snow here in Minnesota. I need my spring/summer muddin' days soon.
From BigC040287  3/4/14
Yeah Old man Winter has been kicking my arse at work every night for about a week. I go in and it's 50s or 60s degrees and I come out of work and it's like 20s and 30s. I'm so ready for summer.
From JenniferWamTGirl  3/1/14
If it makes you feel any better, Winter fucked off over here weeks ago! We're practically sunbathing right now! Yeah, that's right, America; the UK is warm and sunny - suck on it!!

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