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"Private sessions now available in Nashville, TN! I also have a cute, tiny WAM-dom friend who may be short but she packs "

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Jillian Lane
Jun 11, 1988
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Hey guys! Chances are if you're actually reading this, you don't know about me so I'll try to be as concise as possible :) My name is Jill aka "Jilly," I am a 25-year-old pint-sized wamstress (Nope, not a "model.") and I have been getting messy on a professional level since I was 18 years old. I started getting messy well before that just playing around in the kitchen, playing in paint, getting muddy living in a rural area, etc. I finally had a chance-meeting with the WAM Queen herself, Ariel Andrews for, when I was 18 and the rest is history.

I have a lot of fetish interests, as you can see, but WAM will always be my first love. I even got my sister Jayce into it and we run"Jayce & Jilly's House of Mess" where we do videos together and separately, but NEVER sexually. That's just not how we roll, sorry boys and girls! lol. Click the link and take a peek sometime ^_^

I AM accepting custom video/picture offers :) The way this works is you pay a small flat fee for every lady involved and then the cost of supplies --that's it! I've shot a ton of Jayce's customs as well and most recently we've had someone tell us that the custom we did together was the "greatest piece of footage I've ever seen" so that felt great! :) It makes me happy to make someone else happy. My personality in a nutshell.

Just check out my pics, blogs, forums, etc. and you'll get to know me even better! Love you all & thanks for checking me out! xoxo

Invaluable House of Mess Crew Members:

: You may know him as "WammerZeit Produktions" on UMD. He's been in our family for 10 years now, Jayce's brother-in-law, and my main squeeze. He's filmed, taken pictures, produced, and done a lot of the "bitch work" for House of Mess since we first started. Now he's in front of the camera in a few HOM scenes --solo and w/ me-- getting filthy in all the right ways ;) He also takes customs and you can already see the level of awesomeness his videos bring to the table. He's basically our go-to for just about anything artistic we need done behind the scenes, even for other sites we've worked on like Booted-Babes or Wambabes :)

"Chad Sexington": aka "Biz." We've known him for about... 13 years now. We grew up together, lived in the same town, ran in the same circles, so he's not only the newest member of our "crew," he's a great friend. He's filmed for House of Mess and can now add Wambabes to his resume. He's another bit of muscle, and it's a great excuse to hang out together --kind of like anyone who has made an appearance in or around the HOM. We don't work with anyone we wouldn't want to hang out with afterward :)
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User comments:
From wamwright  9 days ago
Love the new HoM logo.
From piesub  16 days ago
Thanks so much for friending jilly-er- "Misstress",(or should I say, "Messtress"!) Would love to be WAMDOMMED by you and Jayce! B-)
From wamwright  16 days ago
How could you NOT notice that your BF is a baker. Were you distracted? ;D
From wamwright  20 days ago
I'll bring over my special FAT monster cable ;)
From Colour_Hobby  21 days ago
Haha thank you, it was a rather bright blue :-P my camera just gave up on me half way through my last shoot!
From Pie Slave  22 days ago
Congrats on WOTD!!! But really you would be WOTD everyday if UMD was my site ;-)
From wamwright  23 days ago
A little bit slapstick, a little bit artsy and ALL sassy. That gets you WOTD! And a kiss X
From BKfoamy  24 days ago
I like the poor mans 3D pic for your profile pic. Jilly in 3D! Not bad.
From wamwright  3/13/14
My bathtub ain't gonna clean itself :P
From kaydens666  3/9/14
thanks so muchhhyyy xoxox but woty should def go to you! your the hot lava keeping umd flowing. the only way i could be annoyed is if you didn't send me the sweetest comments ever! and i'm kind of annoyed right now..because your not in my lap with a pie in each hand ;(. but i just got news that you and i are going to get closer than ever soon! mmm it's going to be most glorious ;D. i'm going to up...
From kaydens666  3/4/14
i can't wait to see you in the kiddie pool of shaving foam slime! whenever you post a new video, it always makes my day ;D and probably everyone else's! your new cute costume video has my horny senses kicking in full blast. off the charts. levels maxed. *hand goes directly fo tha panties* i miss youu2muchhh *lick*pies your chest with a cool whip pie*~
From kaydens666  2/28/14
"it was whipped, so it's okay!" tom's motto
From Bodypaintguy  2/25/14
You are a very beautiful girl (^u^)! You make that dress look prettier than it is on its own lol. Are you a model?
From Larry M  2/25/14
I know you like blue and blue loves you! Beautiful Pictures of you!!
From kaydens666  2/24/14
wished i could have seen you this weekend! i'll see you asap honey cake!!!!! i mess you! ;p
From newpieguy09  2/23/14
Prayng has never worked for me at all, but I do hope you get better soon. : )
From wamwright  2/21/14
Oh god of WAM. I beseech thee heal Jilly of her afflictions and cast out the demons of suckiness. Though cure not her dance fever, for it is most righteous.
From Pie Slave  2/21/14
(Clasping Palms) Please GOD take care of Jillian. Amen.
From Pie Slave  2/21/14
Like your wings?
From wamwright  2/19/14
Maybe I should offer to take my valentine pic down too :)

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