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"Get ready, ladies & gets, 2 EPIC updates coming soon including a sister-sloppy-showdown with mega mess! :D Some people w"


Jillian Lane
Jun 11, 1988
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15 hours ago
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Hey guys! Chances are if you're actually reading this, you don't know about me so I'll try to be as concise as possible :) My name is Jill aka "Jilly," I am a 25-year-old pint-sized wamstress (Nope, not a "model.") and I have been getting messy on a professional level since I was 18 years old. I started getting messy well before that just playing around in the kitchen, playing in paint, getting muddy living in a rural area, etc. I finally had a chance-meeting with the WAM Queen herself, Ariel Andrews for, when I was 18 and the rest is history.

I have a lot of fetish interests, as you can see, but WAM will always be my first love. I even got my sister Jayce into it and we run"Jayce & Jilly's House of Mess" where we do videos together and separately, but NEVER sexually. That's just not how we roll, sorry boys and girls! lol. Click the link and take a peek sometime ^_^

I AM accepting custom video/picture offers :) The way this works is you pay a small flat fee for every lady involved and then the cost of supplies --that's it! I've shot a ton of Jayce's customs as well and most recently we've had someone tell us that the custom we did together was the "greatest piece of footage I've ever seen" so that felt great! :) It makes me happy to make someone else happy. My personality in a nutshell.

Just check out my pics, blogs, forums, etc. and you'll get to know me even better! Love you all & thanks for checking me out! xoxo

Invaluable House of Mess Crew Members:

: You may know him as "WammerZeit Produktions" on UMD. He's been in our family for 10 years now, Jayce's brother-in-law, and my (former) main-squeeze. He's filmed, taken pictures, produced, and done a lot of the "bitch work" for House of Mess since we first started. Now he's in front of the camera in a few HOM scenes --solo and w/ me-- turning him into quite the dirty bird hehe. He's basically our go-to for just about anything artistic we need done behind the scenes, even for other sites we've worked on like Booted-Babes or Wambabes :)

"Biz": We've known him for about... 13 years now. We grew up together, lived in the same town, ran in the same circles, so he's not only the newest member of our "crew," he's a great friend. He's filmed for House of Mess and can now add Wambabes to his resume. He's another bit of muscle, and it's a great excuse to hang out together --kind of like anyone who has made an appearance in or around the HOM. We don't work with anyone we wouldn't want to hang out with afterward :)
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User comments:
From James1990  17 days ago
Congrats on WotD!
From wamwright  17 days ago
Congrats on WOTD you foamy little minx ^_^
From MercyKill  6/17/14
Danke! I'm very glad to be here, I'm loving it already. A very nice place, indeed. -curtsy-
From Biz  6/9/14
Your new store name....fucking brilliant. Probably my favorite. :)
From mhalver  6/8/14
Love the new profile pic. I'm not usually much of a fan of wetlook, but that is sexy.
From DarkSky|HorizonHD  6/6/14
new profile pic is very sexy, like how the wet hair looks with the pinkish to dark red thing going on, and the wet see through shirt doesn't hurt either ;-)
From clownpies  5/29/14
Love the new profile pic!
From adam w  5/29/14
changed my profile pic just for you
From wamwright  5/20/14
I guess that's better than "DamnFright" LOL
From qruta3  5/18/14
Sexy profile pic! I love it!
From Jayce  5/3/14
your profile pic=so rufus. lol. seriously, i cant wait for the behind the scenes to come out. hahah!
From mhalver  5/3/14
Love the new profile pic. Glad to see you joining in the clown fun - you make a very sexy clown!
From DarkSky|HorizonHD  5/2/14
Congrats of wammer of the day Jilly, I hope you're having an awesome day!!! ^_^
From lfa  5/2/14
Congratulations Jilly. I'll bring the pies and buckets of chocolate pudding to celebrate.
From Jayce  5/2/14
From wamwright  5/2/14
Congrats on WOTD. You're awesome!
From y7jtr8  5/2/14
A big congrats to you Jilly, for your WOTD!! Well deserved:-)
From mhalver  4/27/14
Wow, very sexy profile pic!
From dennidgrade  4/27/14
That is such a beautiful profile picture. I adore it.
From wamwright  4/10/14
Love the new HoM logo.

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