Food 9 the Ultimate Slapstick with Big Boobs Jenny
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"Big bosomed Jenny is totally Sploshed by Phantom"
Preview trailer:  This was one of the first HD movies we shot.

Big boobed Jenny just had to star in a Food movie…..and here it is!

Movie Wsm124 Food 9 marked a new era when the Phantom was introduced.

You see…..this is Ultimate Slapstick!

How many Movies have you sat through to see one or maybe two pies or goo hit our heroine?

Well in this 20 minute Movie Wsm124 the Slapstick is non-stop!

And all this in glorious full widescreen Hd.

this is the 9th in our range of Food Movies and with the live sound hear every splat, whoosh, splosh, laugh, giggle and occasional yell!

We have a new scene change Splat card plus a new Phantom Chucker.

For quick and continual throwing our Phantom Chucker is over enthusiastic in his work!

So a 30 minute Movie becomes a 20 minute Movie with a relentless Food pelting.

Our big bosomed star Jenny takes it all in good heart.

After 9 minutes her bra is off and those twin mountains are on show to await a pasting.

Jenny laughs and giggles her way through the Movie.

But even Jenny was taken aback by this ceaseless fusillade!

Both Jenny and the Phantom Chucker are in a messy ecstasy!

But she does get it good from Mr. Phantom!

Watch Jenny sit on a large gateau.

Amazing shots with two custard/cream flans rubbed into both sides of Jenny's face and hair.

Then as Jenny invites two custard/cream flans to be rubbed into her tits, our Phantom has other ideas, as the flans go direct into her pretty face and hair again!

Then a large gateau rubbed vigorously into the face and the hair yet again!

Poor Jenny!

Then a torrent of milk shakes.

She ends up half drowned in custard!

But…..she loved it!

And the Phantom Chucker chuckled all the way home!

Great action, with Jenny and the Phantom having oodles of fun plus devastating throwing and loads of mess!

Check the Free Trailer below from Food 9 Movie Wsm124.

see how much energy our Phantom put into his chucking and see Jenny's happy reactions!

Image set S292 shows us some terrific shots from Food 9.

We have the big boobed Jenny taking on the Phantom for the 1st time!

A remarkable 150 pics record this event.

Jenny lifts her skirt, when seated on the shower plinth, for provocative posing to wind up the Phantom!

Then her dress, gloves and shoes are removed and she is back to her undies.

Jenny's giant boobies are soon released and the Phantom adjusts his target!

There are some notable shots of Jenny cream covered!

Then Jenny is washed down with milk shakes.

Further sploshings with flans and cakes follow, before she is almost drowned under custard!

The 5 sample shots from set S292 in the Free Gallery show you how good she was:

1. a fully-dressed and clean Jenny

2. the Phantom at work

3. creamy, messy boobies

4. well caked!

5. drowned in custard!

The full scene:
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