Spoof Movie James Bond--Wsm and CC
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"Wsm and Custard Couple of spoof movie of James Bond"
Preview trailer:  Here it is the joint production between Wsm and Custard Couple of spoof movie of James Bond.

Mr. and Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) star in this fantastic 49 min HD movie Wsm133/cc09.

with Bar, Dining Room and Bedroom scenes, music and captions, voiceover tracks by Mrs. CC, gadgets from Q, be prepared to see Miss Moneypenny subjected to demonic sploshings by the evil villain Sploshfinger.

We see Bond's 'bar girl' Jenny flirting with him.

But James only has eyes for his pretty secretary Miss Moneypenny as he explains some new gadgets from Q to her.

The action moves on as Miss Moneypenny is captured by Sploshfinger who seeks the secret code to control the OO agents.

Miss Moneypenny is unflinching in her resolve not to betray the OO agents.

But can she summon Bond to rescue her?

Sploshfinger is determined to extract that code using every messy trick in the book!

We see him commence with raw eggs in Clip 2.

After the eggs, Sploshfinger uses a gallon of golden syrup to coax the code from Moneypenny.

This is very saucy (or should we say sweet) Slapstick!

But Miss Moneypenny keeps a stiff (and sticky) upper lip, as the scoundrel Sploshfinger cuts her dress away!

Then Moneypenny is subjected to cold baked beans.

She is next fastened to the bondage cross, as the messy torture continues with cold custard.

This is followed by cold rice pudding.

So was Sploshfinger gentlemany in the way he treated his sweet captive?

Judge for yourself as you see a Clip of Sploshfinger at work with the baked Beans.

see Free Trailer

a chained up Moneypenny next receives yogurt.

This is vigorously applied by an increasingly frustrated Sploshfinger.

She is well splattered by the dastardly Spy, so much so, that he calls her Muckypenny!

He continues his food torture with Chocolate and then Banana desserts.

Miss Moneypenny resists giving up the code despite being splattered with yogurt.

Sploshfinger brings his last weapon of the day……..butterscotch dessert.

He gives Muckypenny a final sploshing as he threatens to leave.

But then our hero Bond arrives (hooray I hear you cry!)

Bond reacts with comic book effect, as Muckypenny looks on and laughs at their capers!

Bond soon disposes of the nasty Sploshfinger.

Moneypenny (sensing her chance) tells Bond how she was tortured with bowls and bowls of food and Sploshfinger just would not stop!

A relieved and grateful James slicks down Moneypenny.

He warms her up in the customary James Bond manner as he is honour bound to express the thanks of the OO agents to the heroic Miss Moneypenny!

And did Bond's thanks end there?

We have already published a 13 minute HD movie of Bond's XXX thanks! see Custard Couple (CC) in James Bond HD movie ref Xxx013.

in addition image set S301 has 186 shots and is a great record of Miss Muckypenny's encounter with the villainous Sploshfinger, before James comes to the rescue!

The full scene:
49 min
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From Lad  11/20/16
lucky woman, i want this

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