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"The original weather forecast shot July 1989 plus 4 girl Slapstick finale"
Preview trailer:  The original weather forecast shot July 1989 plus 4 girl Slapstick finale

We have 2 jingles, an entertaining (and the original) very messy weather forecast, a 4 girl slapstick special, and all rounded off with a closing song as the credits roll!

The weather forecast has Professor Treacle using the busty Debbie as the human graphic!

Of course there is plenty of rain, slush, sun (custard pies), fluffy white clouds (dream topping) and mud!

Spontaneous ideas are always great when I suddenly thought of the long range weather forecast. Only the Prof remained, so guess who got the pies all thrown from a distance?

Unfortunately, our aim was as bad as our forecast!

The weather forecast runs 2 mins 10 secs.

The main feature is a 4 girl Slapstick set-to.

We have Carol, Mary, Lorraine and Rachel.

Starting with pies rubbed into the boobs, then the fun continues with dessert syrups, beans, rice pudding, tomato ketchup and custard used as a hair conditioner!

Hair-do's are ruined

There are plenty of exclamations of surprise

Lorraine's shoes are filled with custard

Food fills those knickers

Then the boobs are out!

Dresses are shed and the girls become messier and messier!

There is much raucous laughter

The chocolate sauce gets spread

Tomato soup goes down Lorraine's stocking

Carol has a goo shampoo!

Finally, with 3 girls kneeling towards the camera, knickers are pulled down for a moonie ending!

For the first time we end with a specially composed song, as channel 'wsm TV' closes down along with some humorous Credits!

major Aspect 4 girl Slapstick finale--running 6 mins 47 secs

The full scene:
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