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Hi ,
I'm Smoky Sharon , I've been into crossdressing for many years. I do love dressing up in sexy dresses and business suits , my fave item though has got be womens overall's.
Similar to those worn in restaurants and cafe's , cake shops some years ago or even school dinners ladies lol

I do enjoy getting myself all made up like one of the girls , lots of heavy glam make up. I do own lots of wigs too just to give me a few different hair styles.

When I'm made up as Sharon , I do so enjoy to smoke.
Nothing like a cigarette dangling between my lip's.
I do enjoy to film my sessions and have made a few clips for friends too. I do love slapstick humiliation where the bossy , sexy girly gets her just deserts.

Once I've enjoyed numerous cigarettes , bring on the custard pies. I adore acting out scenes where I'm totally flanned.
I'll continue to smoke whilst getting covered in my fave shave foam pies, occasionally I might get a bucket of beans over my head !
So basically , I love the humiliation aspect and the slapstick involved.
Using trigger phrases like the classic , " give me that pie now !" Lol
All very classic.

I'd love to chat to anyone re my fetish or yours. Maybe we like similiar fetishes.
If you've got any ideas for future shoots please message me, if I like them I might just do them.
Two of the photo albums in my to file are ideas from UMD friends.
Many thanks for taking the time to read my profile.
Sharon xx
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Profile Wall
SmokySharon  8/7/22
Great sesh !!Report
SmokySharon  8/7/22
Great s3shReport
boychucker  8/7/22
You're still fabulous and still sexy, Sharon! Glad to see you doing new stuff!Report
SmokySharon  8/7/22
Messy session today , starting at 6.Report
SmokySharon  8/7/22
Messy session today , starting at 6.Report
SmokySharon  8/6/22
Messy session tomorrow see posts !!Report
SmokySharon  3/27/22
Who needs a pie ? Report
SmokySharon  3/13/22
Maybe a messy session tomorrow? XReport
SmokySharon  9/14/21
Make up ?why bother !?Report
SmokySharon  9/7/21
Messy session on Saturday !!Report
DrSteveBrule  9/5/21
You look great in that black dress!Report
SmokySharon  7/25/21
Make up ? Why bother lolReport
SmokySharon  7/24/21
Messy session tonightReport
SmokySharon  7/20/21
Messy session on Saturday !!Report
SmokySharon  6/30/21
Back into hibernation for a while !Report
SmokySharon  6/12/21
Epic Saturday Night Session !Report
SmokySharon  6/12/21
Vote for which outfit !Report
SmokySharon  6/11/21
Counting down! Tomorrow Night ! XReport
SmokySharon  6/2/21
Messy Session soon , ideas and requests ?Report
SmokySharon  10/3/20
Another session tonight , wetlook maybe ?Report
SmokySharon  7/8/20
Had the pins on show this evening ! XxReport
SmokySharon  7/8/20
Hey babes, great fun. Really enjoyed it. Had another this evening ! Just too many pies !Report
SmokySharon  7/8/20
“ new album added Report
SmokySharon  7/7/20
Hi babes, aw thank you for your kind words. Got hold ups on in this pic. Hoping for some messy fun later tonight lolReport
SmokySharon  7/6/20
“ Pies Tonight , any requests ? “Report
foampie77  11/22/19
Oh smoky sharon, u got totslly creamed!!Report
SmokySharon  11/19/19
Who'd like a creamy custard pie?Report
SmokySharon  11/19/19
“ who'd l8ke a creamy custard pie ?”Report
SmokySharon  11/4/19
What happened last night ?Report
SmokySharon  11/3/19
Just going to put my make up on ! Pies anyone .Report
SmokySharon  11/1/19
Ideas for my Sunday messy session ?Report
SmokySharon  9/28/19
Omg such fun !Report
SmokySharon  9/25/19
The Pie Awards Tonight !Report
SmokySharon  9/23/19
Thursday evening is pie time !Report
custardcorrinne  9/13/19
love the profile pic Sharon,very chic.Report
sally  9/7/19
enjoyoffice lady suit andfemale prestigious uniform for wam gamesReport
custardcorrinne  8/6/19
Love the new profile pic Sharon a sort of casual elegance.Report
SmokySharon  12/7/18
“ custard therapy”Report
SmokySharon  11/25/18
“ Pie Therapy didn't work !”Report
SmokySharon  11/24/18
Pie Therapy For Sharon Tonight !!Report
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