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One day I was watching What Would You Do?, saw people lose games and get pies thrown in their faces or slop dumped on them as punishment. Their shocked reactions made me wonder what it might be like if I got pied someday. That thought changed me forever.

Ever since the day I could bike to the corner store, I've been hit with probably thousands of cream pies in so many ways. To this day, I'm humbled by how popular my silly, stupid videos have become -- in my mind, I'm just an everyday guy who somehow filled a niche on Youtube and in the male WAM community, that somehow helped inspire a bunch of other people to get messy on their own. That's a really amazing thing, and it constantly motivates me to create even more content, and to push my own boundaries just a little bit further every time.

I know I won't be able to do this forever, so while I can, thank you for watching! I hope you've enjoyed my videos as much as I've enjoyed making them.

Please don't be a stranger -- I love to chat and exchange messages!
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From hooliham  29 days ago
Go to my Twitter for how you can get me messy in my new vid!
From hooliham  9/1/18
Episode 20 shooting this month! Get updates on my Twitter!
From writingismylife  11/1/17
I had no idea you had your own game show on YouTube! Congratulations on that one, wow.
From SanguineSabayon  10/16/17
I love your work. A dare from you would make my life complete. Peace man.
From waterwrap2  9/15/17
You have a fabulous ass!
From helloboi1134  1/3/17
Such an incredible default pic! Can't believe you don't have more on here! *splat*!!!
From PieBlast  3/22/14
Excuse my shouting please but... YOU ARE DA MAN!
From AlexBosley69  3/17/14
Hey! Hope you're well! Miss your vids!
From waterwrap2  12/30/13
You are always good.
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