Swimsuit Comparison: Hydrasuit Vs Legsuit
Produced by Saturation Hall Downloads
Starring these models:
"Rosemary and Lily compare swimwear in gunge"

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Date added:11/09/17
Year produced:2016
Product ID:gm-2g010
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Rosemary, in her favourite black tyr legsuit swimsuit, and Lily, wild of hair and wild of nature, dressed in a high neck blue hydrasuit swimsuit, spend a merry afternoon in the dungeon filling each other's swimsuits with red and green gunge, and then covering each other completely in goo.

Swimsuit filling comes first, as Lily has gunge tipped into the front, and then down the back, of her hydrasuit. At first nothing happens, but then the gloopy mess starts to seep through the fabric and soon enough Lily has a wave of technicolour gunge dripping from the crotch of her suit. Rosemary's turn is next, and her lovely black suit soon starts to succumb to the touch of the gunge, as first a bulge, then a damp stain, and then full colour seeps through the black Spandex as the gunge flows down inside her suit and collects between her legs before flowing down the suit legs.

Once both swimsuits have been reduced to colourful wet ruin, they fill each other's see-through wellington boots with gunge too.

Eventually, both girls treat each other to full gunge shampoos and full face coverage too, green for Rosemary's lovely red hair, and red for Lily's technicolour locks.

Technical: With this scene you get three videos, the main messy scene, 21 minutes, in two parts, and then an extra where Rosemary sits on a stool while Lily stands behind her, and both have full buckets of water thrown over them, full force, from off-camera by the dungeonmaster. The extra scene is a minute of actual bucketings followed by about half a minute of the soaked girls with the water dripping off. All videos have full original sound, and you also get a high-resolution photoset of the main scene too.
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