Three Girl Swimsuit Filling!
Produced by Saturation Hall Downloads
Starring these models:
"Legsuit vs swimsuit vs surf suit get filled with goo!"

File count:9
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:46 mins, 45 secs
Product ID:gm-2f206
Scene ID:20917
Take three lovely women, in three very different styles of swimwear, and let them at each other with cream and custard, and this is what you get!

Friday wears a black and turquoise, high collar, short sleeve surfing suit, with a concealed front zip and just-above-the-knee legs. Designed for riding surfboard under the blazing sun, Spandex suits like these are close fitting, lightweight, and easy to move in, while protecting the board rider from dangerous solar UV. Not much UV in our dungeons, but plenty of custard to be poured in. She wears an ordinary one piece swimsuit under the surf suit, this is seen, already soaked in mess, briefly when she unzips the front of her suit a little near the end of the scene.

Teena wears a delightful reto-50s one piece swimsuit, with a cute little modesty skirt at the front, which she's more than happy to flip up on occasion so we can see what is happening to the suit crotch behind it. It will be interesting to see how this suit behaves when drenched in goo.

Rosemary wears her favourite swimsuit, her plain black Tyr legsuit. With it's high front and cutaway back, this suit is ideal for filling, and really shows the gunge coming through as it works its way down inside.

And let the swimsuit filling begin! All three girls get their water-wear comprehensively filled with cream and custard, and then totally covered on the outside too, along with the rest of their bodies, their faces, and their hair--very thorough messing with not a spot left uncovered. Swimsuits are of course meant to get wet, but how will they handle being totally messy inside and out too? Watch this scene to find out!

Technical: This scene's videos include 30 minutes of the three girls drenching each other in mess, starting with taking turns to have their suits filled, and then getting sloppier and crazier as the scene continues, ending with all three drenched from head to toe in mixed mess. Plus 16 minutes of hosedown, all three still in their suits, including full hairwashing with shampoo and conditioner, and lots of shampoo foam flowing down their backs and over their bottoms when they rinse their hair out. All videos are in Full-hd, with full original sound.

In addition, there are over 800 very high-resolution photos.
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