Super Long Hair! Pied, Soaped, Rinsed+Face Pies!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring the following model:
"Jayce wears her sweetest underwear showing off her long hair messy!"

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Date added:3/24/17
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This one was done for a friend and I have never done hair pies before, not like this! I put on my sweetest underwear and went topless I had 6 crusted pies and 6 non crusted, all whipped topping pies plus, 2 extras for my face in between each ;) I got the crusted pies first on my hair and he slid the tin all the way down, pieing the top of my head and smoothing my hair down. By the time he was done my hair was almost to my pantyline it was so heavy, smooth and thick with pie mess! I decided to grab some handfulls from the floor and smooth some more onto my hair, making it a beautiful white with the really cool contrast of when this was filmed, my hair was pretty dark! it looked incredible! Then, i got my surprise pie to the face! crusted pie right in my face! I decided to rinse myself off, which was even more fun. Feeling crust, and watching whipped topping mixed with water coming down my body, soaking my sweet panties making them see-through and smoothing my long hair to my back Next were teh just whipped topping pies which were even more awesome. Each time I got pied in my hair, i felt the cold, and then smoothed it through, making my hair white, then run my fingertips through it to make a design and wait for the next pie to cover my super long hair white again so cool. felt so amazing. that cold whipped topping weighing my already heavy hair down, even more. After I took all the pies, i turn around to show myself off and get another surprise pie to my face! It was a crusted pie as well. i love surprise pies! I decide now its time to smooth my hair out with water again, shampoo it super thick with shampoo and pile all my hair on top of my head. Once i do that, i let you watch the water smooth out the huge mound of soaped up hair on top of my head slowly, getting shots of the soap running down my bootie, and the shine of my heavy, long, dark hair up against me. My panties wet and cute for you to see. Loads of close ups to watch my hair smooth out for you ;) enjoy! For my first time, I did! I love my long hair!
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