Stella in Grey-t Slime
Produced by Stella's Store
Starring the following model:
"Stella takes a bath in a tub full of grey slime."

So if there is one thing that helps me unwind after a long day it's a nice bath. And what kind of bath is better than a messy bath!? The only unfortunate thing about this one is my failed attempt to dye it black. Still, I think the color turned out grey-t. After I mixed up my giant personal gunge bath I tentatively slid one of my bare feet into the substance. The way it stuck to me just made me want to dive in head first. However, I knew that this slime was worth taking my time with. The slime pulled against me as I tried to settle myself in. It clung to me, it called me. I needed to get this all over me as soon as possible. Taking fistfuls of the stuff I began covering my body, enjoying the way it tingled my more sensitive areas. I slowly engulfed myself and allowed the slime to swallow me entirely.

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"Stella gets off repeatedly. You will too."
The marvelous thing about Stella, and you'll see it in any and all of her videos, is that she isn't a professional model doing WAM for the money. Oh, she has a great body (I can't say this often enough), and she knows how to play to the camera, but there's no faking here. She's a wammer. She's into it. She'd be doing this if the camera weren't there; we're just lucky, because the camera *is* there, and damn. Stella looks hotter than hell in this grey slime, and it's obvious that she's really turned on. She indulges her arousal repeatedly, and it's hot and urgent and primal. The footage is crisp and clean, the grey slime looks great, and the audio is full of little gasps that allow you to share Stella's experience on a very intimate level. The only thing you can't do is jump in the tub with her. Don't even think of this as purchasing a video. Think of it as subsidizing a really elaborate masturbation scenario for a very attractive and enthusiastic woman. We should all do more of that. itsagaz, 5/15/17
"If you think clay is great, this is a new look."
I love the colour, it's just right with the lighting to bring out the shape of her beautiful body the slime. It's great to see someone really enjoying the experience as she moves around and plays with it. I am going to have to try that. I can appreciate the work that goes into preparing an cleaning up such an amount. SilverBlue, 4/9/17
"Oh lawd...Stella a slime putty :3"
This is quite my new goo gal to watch here now, after the latest videos of goo be gone...XD. I thought she couldn't get better than the white version but this blew me away half way thru. Getting better & was a excellent ride with her as she rolled around like a snake in it. Like i thought she was going to be a power ranger putty after all the encasement slime going on. Love it, Stella...glad to see you use some color as from before also. Most to see a bit more gooey fun wit cha. *waves* i rated it 5 sloppy slime buckets. DaRell, 3/21/17
"Who wants a bath in Nickelodeon gak!?"
The preview provided is an indicator of what's to come. This goop she's in is smooth, thick, stringy, clingy and soft. It's almost like she's taking a bath in liquid gak! the substance is so thick and gooey it almost hinders her movement as she has difficulty trying to right herself in it. In my opinion, this was quite hawt! Much like Stella's other videos, I find this to be quite a treat. I highly recommend this video. Personally it's her muffled moans as she was submerged in this goop. Kurochan, 3/18/17
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