Stella Gets Stuck in Black Goo
Produced by Stella's Store
Starring the following model:
"Stella becomes stuck in thick black goo."

The accidental trilogy of of my grey scale slime messes comes to its thrilling conclusion with 100lbs of thick black goo. I can hope that this is what being stuck in a tar pit feels like. From the moment I set my feet into the gunge I was stuck. The substance almost seemed to pull the rest of my naked body into it and refused to let go. Not that I minded. Once I was thoroughly stuck in the mess all I could do was lie back and enjoy it.

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Date added:4/27/17
Year produced:2017
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"The conclusion of Stella's "trilogy""
By deadpool  7/6/17

Stella concludes her "trilogy of slime" with a trip into thick, black goo. She caresses the gunk, and slathers it over her gorgeous body. Soon, she rubs it all over herself, then begins to rub herself.

It is absolutely amazing. You almost feel guilty, eavesdropping on her while she's in absolute ecstasy. Almost.

The other parts of the "trilogy" the fluffy white goo, and the gray goo in the bathtub are just as great, but she had been wanting to play in black goo for a while, and she didn't disappoint.

Buy this video, if you have the chance.

"This is by far the best video I've seen on this website!"
By kritterfox  6/3/17

this scene IS A must buy! The thick clingy nature of this succulent mess makes the video a must-see! Seeing her step in and instantly has a coated foot shows just how wonderful it is! As she gets in and quickly bits of her get covered and coated you can tell she's excited to play in it and before long she starts doing so. A few teasing rubs, some lovely butt shots, twisting and turning as more and more of her become a blob-y black mess. The goo is so perfect, seeing it cling to her form, it's like the perfect mix to emulate a tar-like liquid latex! And of course it shows in her gasps and pants and huffs she's very much enjoying herself!

I am very much hopeful for a black goo sequel someday!

User comments
From starship  8/18/17
Love the black goo. I need to get a recipe to try it out myself.
From Office Guy  5/5/17
Definitely, the hottest, most erotic and sexiest girl on here. Simply stunning.........
From mudlover01  4/28/17
oh wow. please never change stella.
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