Fluffy White Slime
Produced by Stella's Store
Starring the following model:
"Stella becomes a fluffy white goo girl."

Anyone else kind of orgasm when the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man exploded at the end of Ghost Busters, covering everyone in goo? Just me? Awkward. Anyway, since I first saw that scene I've always wanted to get covered in that goo. Finally I found a shaving foam slime that is close to that consistency if not even gooier. After mixing it all up I dump the gallons of goop onto my tarp and practically dive into it. It stuck to everything! I wanted if everywhere. I poured it over my head, smeared it all over my body, rolled in it, and couldn't stop from touching myself with it. The only downside to this was that I didn't have even more of the slime to play in.

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Total size:479.13 MB
Runtime:11 mins, 41 secs
Scene ID:21706

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"An Ooey Gooey that'll make you go Kablooie"
I don't believe I've ever seen anyone become as aroused by gunge as you do, Stella. And you expertly pull us along for the ride. Fantastic! PHR, 8/28/17
"Excellent scene...a must watch for all!"
Great coverage and apparently you liked doing the scene which really held my attention all the way through. You have set the bar high for all scenes of this nature. ccmucky, 3/2/17
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User comments
From tiedandmessy  1/4/18
Can you tell us exactly what that mix was? It looks delightful!!
From PieWriter  12/28/17
Amazing, in all aspects. This is A+ play-time! Forget going to the movies; this is a great idea for a third date. Or a first.
From Submergedinfoam  3/25/17
Amazing. That looks so much fun.
From QS_  3/17/17
Very nice!!
From DaRell  3/12/17
Talk about being #1 right now, call it love at first sight, love this marshmellow sort of slime mix. Way awesome, and best i seen in wam or what yall call it...love Stella for this so much, wish you had more & even in colors would be badarse. Maybe in black, red, blue, or etc...white was like whip gooey sticky cream or as glue. ***** star rating from me to you.... love it!!! :3 Squish Gooey Cat =^.^=
From mudlover01  3/2/17
so beautiful! It looks like a giant puddle of glue
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