Jennifer Gets Naked and Horny on the Dunk Tank
From Gunge Tank Babes
Starring the following model:
"Jennifer starts with the quiz but gets too horny to finish"

Join Jennifer as she plays our Just a Minute quiz. Jennifer is disappointed that the dunker is playing a serious quiz and won't ask questions about sex. Jennifer keeps turning the quiz round into answering the questions about sex as well as rubbing herself. Jennifer's boobs keep popping out so she takes her top off. It's not long before the shorts come off, leaving her naked. Jennifer is having trouble answering the questions and is getting really horny by now. She loves the gunge so much she won't get out of the tank and the poor old dunker can't play the quiz anymore. Jennifer really enjoys rubbing the gunge over her naked body and is playing with herself. She finishes with an orgasm in the tank before saying bye.

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Runtime:15 mins, 51 secs
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"Lovely, naughty fun!"
I'll admit, this was sort of an impulse purchase, but I'm glad I got it. Jennifer looks amazing, both in and out of the slime. She goes into the tank several times, and it's a treat to watch each time. The outfit stays on long enough to tease, but not so long that it becomes unwelcome. There are a lot of nice close-ups, especially of her face and her breasts, as she sinks deep into the slime and pleasures herself. It's a lot of fun to watch, and it looks like it was a lot of fun to do.

If I had one complaint, it was that you don't get to see that much of Jennifer at play. She's mostly submerged in the tank as she's touching herself, and while there's plenty of fuel for the imagination, I've always preferred a more explicit show. This is probably a matter of personal preference, though, and it certainly doesn't ruin anything. I still recommend this video wholeheartedly. WritesNaughtyReviews, 10/2/15
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Jennifer looks awesome in that outfit and I love how her tits almost come out of her top even before she's her blonde hair slicked back when she comes up from the tank...beautiful   Edit  Report
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