Episode 61 Part 1
Produced by messymayhem.com's store
Starring these models:
"Number Cruncher"

It's another Episode filmed in the Summer of 2013 when we went on holiday at the studio of www.gungetankbabes.com who gave us kind us of their gunge tank. Jess West is in charge as guest host and with us are busty Jessica Lo and the sexy and slightly bonkers Kay. Kay is playing the "Number cruncher" our low budget version of the Noel's House Party game but will she crack the code and escape the tank in time? For those not familiar with the original the number cruncher works like this. We give Kay four digits (on pieces of paper, no fancy keypad sorry folks) she must find the correct combination (hold them up in the correct order) within 45 seconds otherwise Jessica will be pulling the cord and releasing the gunge over Kay's head. However should Kay find the combination in time then it's Jessica who takes a seat in the gunge tank and Kay gets to do the honours with the cord. It's tense, it's exciting and it's terribly silly but which one of these lovely girls ended up topless in the tank and covered in turquoise (cold) and pink (warm) gunge?

File count:1
Total size:202.88 MB
Runtime:12 mins, 19 secs
Scene ID:11921

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