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Pie and Gunge fan, professional lurker since 1997, I love it when girls get messy, and more recently when they get me messy too! Have had a few sessions with models, and hope to release a video soon.
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From SmushingTin  3/28/18
Finally updated my blog after 4 years!
From quietman  1/28/18
Kacie is amazing! Thanks for bringing more of her to us!
From SmokySharon  11/7/17
Hi Smushie, love those kacie pics !! Amazing !!
From piesub  8/17/16
Loving the new avatar S.T.; can never get too much of Kacie. Next time could she be wearing less? Maybe knee high school socks, high heels, pigtails and a pink thong bikini? Just a suggestion...
From JellynCustard  6/4/16
Congrats on WOTD! The photos of Kacie are fantastic!
From Piethro2  6/4/16
Big congrats on WOTD !!!! Great pics of Kacie. All your albums contain some outstanding pics. Love the session pics with Miah.. Some of my fave WAM pics of all time. Also have enjoyed reading your blog. Keep Having fun !!!
From Messy74  6/4/16
Great pies, looks like a great session : )
From NormanMabeld  6/3/16
Re: your avatar - If I could have Kacie staring into my eyes, and smashing two pies into my head, I'd think I died and went to heaven! I smell WOTD with all these fantastic pics!
From piesub  7/28/15
Loving the new avatar S.T. Well, I would, wouldn't I?
From Aero__  7/21/15
I hope you haven't abandoned your word press blog... I really enjoyed your posts and commentary!
From piesub  9/20/14
Thanks for friending ST and thanks also for sharing your messy adventures with all those beautiful women, and I look forward to more of your pie-jinks soon! ;-D
From oilslick  11/5/13
Looks like an awesome session!
From NormanMabeld  11/5/13
Looks like you sure had a great time with Miah! Fantastic pics! I love your blog, too!
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