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Hi, I'm Mudsprite. I've been into mess play since childhood and have journalled my exploits for many years. As a teen my favourite indulgances occured when my parents went away on holiday. I soon realised that only the more extreme ammounts of mess sufficed to get me really excited; so I'd drag my parents double mattress downstairs, cover it in a tarp and wallow for several days in a row in our sticky garden clay.
My ideal session nowadays might last a couple of hours at a time. For me the excitement is so intense I go into a writhing, almost trance-like state of ecstasy culminating in incredible orgasms. It's just one, edge of orgasm state of joy. The use of a tarp covered mattress definately makes it for me. I love the feel of bounciness it gives. I also prefer to plan my play well in advance, and find the countdown of the days almost as exciting as the event itself. I like to wear tights and undies when I initially go into the mess. I find it restricts the sensitivity. Towards the end of a session I just adore peeling off these layers, then plopping back naked and totally sensitive now to the clinging muck. I always find this bit intensly erotic.
In the summer months I indulge in outdoor mud sessions; deep esturine mud being my faveourite. Mostly this is at night under a full moon, (How do you guys avoid being seen by birdwatchers!) It's the "naughtiness" of outdoor mud fun I find so exciting.
Up until now I've believed myself to be totally heterosexual, but of late I've begun to feel drawn to men too. It would be a new and maybe a little scary experiance for me, but I'd be open for some outdoor mud or food mess sessions if there's anyone out there who's interested. Anyways, thanks for reading. Hopefully I can continue to share my exploits with you. Certainly I've lots more ideas for future clips up my sleeve. Mudsprite.
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From wetvee  11/22/16
What a Wonderful Mess!!!
From MuddyMcMudd  7/4/16
Your pics and vids are hot as hell!!
From NastiBoiLV  4/14/15
From alext  2/19/15
Not bad thank you! Thanks for the add
From Bodypaintguy  7/6/13
Very hot mud! Keep it coming . I wish you lived near me. We would get you bed so dirty together!
From Devonwamguy  1/14/13
Love your pics. There's nothing quite like the feeling of sticky black treacle all over your bare body!
From nakedmudlover  1/13/13
I'd love to get in deep treacle and mud with you. Like you, I'm mainly straight, but the idea of fun with another man in deep mess has always turned me on. Your treacle session has really sent me over the top. Guess I'm a randy old man who just can't give up sex?
From Barak GangBanger  4/11/12
i'd love to chat with you sometime.
From joedeep130535  6/6/09
hi I live in Devon now but used to go often to a gravel pit near Langney Point Is it still there? Don't fancy dead sheep!! but like deep mud fun Joe
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