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Stay messy, my friends.
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I started this site as a personal messy links list in college back in 1998, just to have convenient bookmarks to things I liked, like oil and mud wrestling from the '80's. An unadvertised side-page to my music business site, people found the page on their own and started emailing me how excited they were to find the list, and they regularly contributed links that they found.

I went with it, adding a forum and chat room, and later supporting the site with affiliate links instead of pop-ups. Here we are some 19 years on. Even now, the community guides the site as well as its content, and I play the supporting role, as well as student.

This stopped being just a wam project in the early 2000's when I realized how well a community works when you support free speech ideals, honest opinions, and even allow heated debates; and only moderate the subversive things like spite, put-downs, backhanded comments, and that technical "truth/lie" that politicians are so good at. Turns out you can be totally honest without being a total dick. That's why freedom grows from the seeds of communication and respect, not suppression and micromanagement.

In a world circling the drain of cynicism, this site happens to be my personal oasis not only for wam, but to remind myself that people can still be genuinely nice to each other.
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From Messmaster  Tuesday
New status: battleforthenet...
From Messmaster  17 days ago
New status: Producers: Subscription stats coming soon
From Messmaster  11/13/17
New status: Still getting back to everybody... had to fix server speed!
From Messmaster  11/7/17
New status: Getting back to folks regarding mixed up files!
From Messmaster  10/21/17
New status: New UMD server is now live!!
From MudRunner  8/4/17
Thank you for accepting me as a friend
From MessyJC  5/15/16
MessMaster's UMD site is legendary, Given where i've come from, i feel as though i've finally found home, all the people here, are possibly the reason i'm still around. I am forever great full for that. Thank you to you all! Kindest regards
From Messmaster  5/15/16
So glad you came Jason. It's still surreal to me that the night actually happened. We should definitely do it again soon if you'll have me. You were all great.
From Messmaster  3/24/16
New status: Ask me about VIP!
From deadpool  2/12/16
happy birthday! ^__^
From NormanMabeld  2/11/16
Happy Birthday, MM! Thanks for starting this refuge for us!
From Messmaster  2/4/16
New status: Now offering payouts via Dwolla!
From Messmaster  2/2/16
New status: Fixing UMD download search
From Messmaster  1/28/16
New status: Trying to speed up the UMD!
From Messmaster  12/5/15
New status: Holidays at UMD are crazy!
From Messmaster  6/9/15
New status: Store owners: Custom playlists now available!
From toledopieguy  7/17/14
thank you for making this site possible - esp the hangouts!
From UWETME1969  4/27/14
New to the site, I love it...
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