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applesauce, pastries, batter, food, peanut butter, beans, fruit, lube, pies, butter, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, messy, cheese, methylcellulose, shaving cream, chocolate, goo
About me:
straight asian male, been pies and slime for a long time!
Have been fortunate every gf I've ever dated has let me or actually annoyed wAm, even had a few friends w benefits who let me play at them! Love smashing pies onto a pretty ladies face, and the. Sliming their hair with gloppy gunge. My pics are of my gf you do not have permission to repost them, and as long as I don't find them on other sites and people are respectful as she occasionally looks with me at the comments I hope to be allowed to continue to post or messy sessions together. She doesn't love wan but is exploring her kinky side and at times gets excited about getting messy but it's more because she knows it turns me on. She does love warm some because she thinks the pics look artsy.
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From luvs2pie  5/27/18
Couples mud baths for anniversary
From GungeMasterUK  4/24/18
Thank you for all the photo likes! GungeMistressUK X
From LotsOfSlop  3/23/18
Thanks for all the love on my GIFs this week!
From Whitestar  12/25/17
Thanks for the loves and/or comments on the MyPieRogative Christmas posts
From Whitestar  11/27/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos
From luvs2pie  10/31/17
New status: Gf is happy she got warmer of the day
From luvs2pie  10/19/17
New status: Gf bought messy supplies for an imsorry session!
From Whitestar  8/3/17
Thanks for the loves on my photos
From luvs2pie  7/4/17
New status: Thanks 4 wammer of day!!
From luvs2pie  6/28/17
New status: Pied gf n she gave me a bj
From Whitestar  4/17/17
Thank you for the more on my photos
From Whitestar  3/15/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos
From MessyWeeb  11/26/16
Thanks for adding me here as well!
From Mrs.jurning  11/9/16
thanks for al the on my pictures
From luvs2pie  10/10/16
New status: gf deep throated me and used nutela
From luvs2pie  10/2/16
New status: Gf bought outfits for me to wam her in
From luvs2pie  8/26/16
New status: came on her schoogrl outfit last nite, tonight wam
From luvs2pie  6/15/16
New status: gf said i can wam her tonight if i do all the prep
From luvs2pie  5/4/16
New status: wow never been wammer of the day, thanks 4 the...
From luvs2pie  8/13/15
New status: new wam sessin with a girl ive been seeing
From luvs2pie  5/26/15
New status: get to pie a date tonight, messy creamy fun
From luvs2pie  5/26/15
New status: pies in a dates face tonight! heavy cream, peanutb
From jurning  1/15/15
Thanks for the FR. You keep up the good work too...
From MyPieRogative  9/14/14
Haha thanks!
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