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L.A.'s Fetish Fun Doll!
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans, fruit, lube, pies, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, gel, messy, quicksand, cheese
About me:
check out my download store here at UMD!
I'm having so much fun with it!

new, new, new!!

Call me on my messy hotline AT:
1-800-863-5478 ext: 9944603

some of you have requested this and some have already called on my other listings!

www.madamejade.com < see my "messy blog">

Hi there,

I am a model. producer and a super Fun Pro
Splosher/Fetishist and Erotic Hypnotist who's willing to get as messy as messy gets
and to make your fantasies become reality!

Want to model in a video with me? Let me know.


MY rates run about:

1.5 hrs= $300

2 hours = $400

3 hours = $460

You bring the food - Smart and Final in Encino has large
pudding and syrup containers etc.

Keep in mind it takes me about 3 hours to clean up!

call ME TO schedule: 818-943-6806

In los Angeles= Tarzana near 101 freeway & Tampa exit.
On a half acre ranch in a horse property neighborhood, outdoor nudity and messy as you want to
be is the name of the game!

Clothes sploshing, multiple pies, clothing to nude, eggs, syrup, water play, you name it! You bring the food, there is a smart and final close by and they sell large cans of pudding etc.

Full shower and warm studio to get cleaned up in.


I do pro in person fetish sessions and I really get into it!

I don't do just domination sessions. Some clients are not into that, and that is fine.

I also do splosh & Messy phone sessions and WebCam sessions!

Want to have a sexy fun experience, contact and schedule with me.

new site: www.Madamejade.com (erotic hypnosis site)

I am:
45+ going on 18
Pale skin
cherry red & blk hair
personality off the hook ;)

My sessions are messy & playful, but They DO not not not include sex ever!
attn producers and session providers: if you need an outdoor nude friendly playspace to shoot your productions at, contact me, I have a half acre yard near Encino, Los Angeles. CA.

Madamejade @aol.com or Fetishjade @gmail.com

***please MY WAM, sploshing, gunge friends, Join me on Twitter: fetishjade

*** call ME ***

niteflirt.com : search for FetishJade or Madame Jade Paris (hypnosis)

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From FETISH JADE  11 days ago
we are having amazing splashing weather!
From FETISH JADE  3/29/18
Getting ready for a outdoor pie session at catsuitlounge
From OKWam  3/20/18
Welcome back, haven't seen you hear in awhile
From FETISH JADE  3/19/18
Messy time! good session weather
From Messymud  3/4/18
Hi Mistress how can I contact you to book a session?
From FETISH JADE  1/23/18
Time to get messy at the ranch!!
From FETISH JADE  1/16/18
New status: Hello there... splashing & ERotic Hypnosis!
From FETISH JADE  4/8/14
I will be on Sirius radio with Mika Tan tonight at 6pm talking about the fetish of Sploshing. Serious XM 102
From FETISH JADE  3/12/14
From FETISH JADE  7/6/13
From Mudinthelake88  2/15/13
Do you do sessions involving clay and mud?
From oilslick  2/15/13
I think I am!
From wamnovice  2/4/13
thanks for the friend add, Jade you look cute in all that mess, you're just as hot - either messy or clean
From FETISH JADE  12/17/12
hahahah omg, thank you I love the comments! xoxoxo
From FETISH JADE  11/16/12
http://fetishjadesvideo.tumblr.com/ LOOK WHAT I DID TODAY!!!
From FETISH JADE  4/30/12
From FETISH JADE  1/5/12
had a awesome Pie and messy session yesterday with a client from UMD.net, fun outdoor Xdressing/sploshing! Call me to schedule!
From FETISH JADE  11/18/11
i'm traveling to texas and I'm available for fetish and domination sesssions and photoshoots. I will be going through AZ, NM etc..... contact me if you want to schedule: fetishjade@gmail.com
From   6/9/11
Thanks for the add, your amazing!
From Dragon  5/21/11
hehe happy mess friday to you too m'dear! =] xxxxx
From oilslick  5/17/11
Congrads Jade! break aleg on tv!
From oilslick  5/15/11
If I had only seen your offer earlier
From   5/2/11
Watch Fetish Jade's "Messy doll" video. A fine effort from one of WAMs sexiest gals. Absolutely beautiful, sexy and.....what an ass mmmmmmmmm x
From Dragon  4/23/11
cheers for the friend request, loving your pictures!!! how amazing are they!! xx
From FETISH JADE  1/30/11
oKAY my new clips will be up very soon. Be sure to check out "messy girls" starring me, Fetsh jade and PIxie!
From peterpieman  12/10/10
Hi Jade, who loves sploshing and (especially) pies as much as you do? I have to say it's got to be me..
From oilslick  12/10/10
Sounds great! Cant wait to see the new pics!
From blueslimed26  11/26/10
Ty for the friend request! Glad you like blue too!
From oilslick  9/4/10
I love the video you put up any chance we see pics or video of the action at hand?
From FETISH JADE  11/29/09
Who wants to come session with me soon and have some messy pie fun! I'm getting ready to do my slip n slide gooey, pie, gunge video!
From FETISH JADE  10/29/09
I guess I will use this as my blog...since there doesn't seem to be one here.... today i did a messy in shoes and stocking shoot and also did 4 videos... they will be at my sites... xoxo jade
From FETISH JADE  10/19/09
OMG I just did a MESSY session and the image and video ROCK!!! I will put the images up at: www.fetishjade.com and the videos at: www.fetishjade.c4slive.com please join, I work hard, play hard and your contribution helps me make it! xoxoox Fetish jade Queen of WAM!
From FETISH JADE  9/30/09
NEW !!! http://fetishjade.c4slive.com/
From FETISH JADE  9/15/09
See a quick little WAM video of me at: http://www.youtube.com/user/FetishJade
From   9/7/09
Its to bad the raitings on the album only go to five, Because your a perfect ten. I love this girl, A definet must see.
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