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Feb 26
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So many women, so little slime.
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applesauce, pastries, batter, food, lotion, beans, lube, pies, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, gel, messy, quicksand, cheese, methylcellulose, chocolate, goo, slime
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My name is Dan, I'm 37, & I love getting slimed & pied!! I like blue slime the best as you can see in my main picture.

I love red-heads, black women, bbws, big boobs, mature women, Japanese girls, hot moms & female teachers, girls with glasses, nerdy girls, & lots of other kind of girls.

You Can't Do That On Television got me started like a lot of wammers. I always had a funny feeling when the girls got slimed. I think I first started liking wam as a fetish is when this cute black mom got covered in oatmeal on Wild Animal Games. That show had tons of sexy moms getting messy.
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From Whitestar  12/25/17
Thanks for the loves and/or comments on the MyPieRogative Christmas posts
From Whitestar  11/28/17
Sorry no video of the shoot, stills only.
From Whitestar  11/27/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos
From Belleinboots  12/10/16
Nice profile
From Mr_Pies  12/2/14
Hi, Thanks for the Friendship request!!
From Pinhead  11/2/09
take a look at this clips!
From Pinhead  9/23/09,,GIM1125928-7822-XICO+DA+BANHO+DE+TINTA+EM+BIANCA,00.html
From Pinhead  7/21/09
take a look at those clips, u may like them:
From shirley  7/5/09
Thank you, really appreciate your comment : )
From   6/10/09
Hi there I am new to this messy forum and just wanted to say hi. I am wearing your favorite color right now in the form of a baby blue nightie! I would love to try out this blue gooey stuff that are covering all these other girls but you will have to give me the recipe for it. When yo do I promise to post photos of me covered in this wonderliciously blue goo, Hope to be hearing from you bye for...
From lana  5/27/09 This video is for WAM-wet and messy-fans. In this video I start off dressed and smush pies in my face and do my attractive poses, then I strip to my bra/panties and get more pies in my face, then I and down to panties and get more pies in my face, then I am only in stocking and heels and get more pies in my face and I show off my messy tits and pussy and assh...
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